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Welcome to Business2Sell, the Premium Business for Sale website

Business2sell was founded in 2006 and we are considered one of the leading websites for anyone looking to list their business or franchise for sale. We currently have over 13,000 listing from over 60 Franchises and 125 Business Brokers and Commercial Agents. Our website is fast and easy to use, and we strive to offer a better service to everyone in the industry.

Our aim is to help connect business buyers with private sellers, Franchisees, Business Brokers and Franchisors. We have helped many people looking for the right opportunity and connected many business owners with the right solution for connecting with Business Brokers or the ability to list their business on the website. We also have a list of companies who offer business related services like valuations, finance, coaching, consulting, etc… all being provided under the one website.

Business Brokers and Commercial Agents

Business Brokers and Commercial Agents can register with Business2Sell and will have access to both manual loading and bulk uploading capabilities. We currently work with over 30 bulk uploading companies and we can setup and organise and setup your account fast and easily.

We offer package from 100 to unlimited listings, with multiple categories, unlimited images and unlimited number of enquiries. You will gain exposure with your logo showing next to your listings and we offer packages with your Broker profile listed in our “Business Broker Directory”. The directory will display your details and listings, along with the total number of businesses listed, under offer and sold.

We are here to help you, so feel free to contact us and ask one of our friendly team on how we can help.


Private Sellers and Franchisees

Business2Sell offers packages to private sellers and franchisees to list their opportunity for sale. We offer packages from $150 until sold, through to packages where you will receive exposure to 10,000’s of potential buyers every day through multiple websites. There are no contracts, commissions or monthly fees for private sellers.


Franchisors can also reap the benefits through registering with Business2Sell; we offer a number of solutions for Franchisors which start from as low as $300 per year for a listing in our Franchise Directory through to packages for multiple listings where you will receive exposure to 10,000’s of potential buyers every day through multiple websites. These packages also offer you a listing in the Franchise Directory which will display your details and listings of all of your franchise opportunities for sale.


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