Top Ten Australian Franchises

In today’s globally connected world, businesses often look for smart strategies for expansion. The aspiring entrepreneurs are no different! T...

  • Top Ten Australian Franchises
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    Top Ten Australian Franchises

    In today’s globally connected world, businesses often look for smart strategies for expansion. The aspiring entrepreneurs are no different! They prefer the assurance and security blanket which comes along with the ownership of a franchise business. With more franchises per capita present in Australia than any other country, the avid support for the business model is quite evident.

    An interesting fact about the industry is that more than 92% of these franchises are home-grown. The 182 billion-dollar sector is growing year-on-year, and this has made franchise businesses a hot commodity. The economically thriving metropolitan cities are the most sought-after geographical locations for writing a success story.

    Additionally, the suburbs have come up as major crowd pullers for retail and food chains. The association and attachment with Australia-made products add to the popularity of these brands. Let us take a look at the top ten most promising franchise businesses for sale in Australia that can be the best investment opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.

    1. Gelatissimo

    Combining authentic flavours with the best ingredients, Gelatissimo has become the go-to place for families who want to enjoy delicious ice-creams. The brand was established in Sydney in 2002 and has not looked back ever since.

    Today, the Gelatissimo ice-cream parlours are present across Australia and several other countries including Singapore, China, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India and Bangladesh. Winner of various awards for its mouth-watering flavours, the brand has become a name to reckon with in the industry.

    2. Foodco

    Foodco Group Pty Ltd (Foodco) is a well-recognised name in the country which has now expanded to seven other nations. The company was established in 1989 by Bob and Wendy Nelson and has grown to include over 500 retail stores of food and coffee. The global headquarters of Foodco is located in Sydney and its retail branded systems include Jamaica Blue, Muffin Break, Crocs Playcentres and BeanGiving Retail.

    The highly popular Jamaica Blue is a fast-casual cafe present in Australia, New Zealand, China, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK. Muffin Break is a bakery cafe present in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and Crocs Playcentres are indoor play centres for the whole family located in Australia.

    The BeanGiving Retail is an online coffee products delivery business which donates 10% of the sale to the cause chosen by the customer.

    3. Gutter-Vac

    The home service industry has mushroomed in recent years as the number of households with older people has increased along with double income homes in the cities. Gutter-Vac took advantage of this market need and revolutionised the gutter cleaning industry by pioneering a gutter vacuuming machine in 1995.

    They commenced franchising in 2000 and have now over 80 franchises across seven states in Australia. Presently, the brand has crossed borders to reach Atlanta in America as Outback GutterVac. As an entrepreneur, if you are looking for a profitable business for sale in Sydney, then opting for a Gutter-Vac franchise will be a good option serving as a profitable franchise.

    4. The Coffee Club

    Coffee franchises are the buzz word in the industry with a burgeoning demand for cafe for sale in Australia and their outstanding return on investment. The Coffee Club was established in 1989 and has since garnered an impressive following among the lovers of the beverage.

    Founded by Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas, the brand is the largest Australian cafe group. They currently have 400 stores operating in 9 countries. With a strong brand presence and training facility, it is a lucrative opportunity for passionate individuals who want to leverage the flourishing cafe culture in the country.

    5. Poolwerx

    Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools is a big hassle and outsourcing the job to professionals has become a norm in homes as well as commercial properties. Poolwerx is a leading name in the industry, which boasts of being the largest pool and spa maintenance network in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1992, the brand has grown to cover 350 territories consisting of both retail stores and mobile vans.

    The multi-award-winning franchise has maintained a successful track record for the past 25 years and has serviced 1.45 million pools and spas so far. Providing world-class training and marketing support, it is a multiple revenue-generating business which can become an ideal investment and launch vehicle for entrepreneurs.

    6. Mad Mex

    Fast-food restaurants have become all the rage as the fast-paced life of today’s generation has reduced the leisure time considerably. The on-the-go professionals love fast-food which gets prepared quickly, tastes delicious, can be grabbed while travelling and costs less.

    Mad Mex has been providing all this and more with its Mexican cuisine and was voted as the best Mexican restaurant in Australia. The brand had over 60 units operational in 2017 and continues to grow. If you wish to become a food entrepreneur, then acquiring the Mad Mex franchise can prove to be a smart decision. However, you must be aware of all the essential things before buying a restaurant to become an accomplished restaurateur.

    7. Battery World

    Batteries have become a necessity with their need in mobile phones, automotive, computers, watches and other white goods. With the levels of pollution going up, the demand for battery-operated cars is rising. It is no surprise that Battery World has become the largest and most diversified battery retail franchise in Australia.

    With its technologically advanced products and a wide range of batteries, Battery World is now operating through 109 stores across the country and has been delighting customers with its award-winning service. With low royalties and 20 years of industry experience, the franchise makes you a batteryologist with its intensive training and in-store support.

    8. Smartline

    Mortgage broking has become a sought-after professional choice as the loan requirements of the urban population is increasing by the day. From buying their first homes to expanding their property portfolios, Australians need loans for a variety of reasons and Smartline franchise fulfils this need with utmost satisfaction.

    Smartline was acquired by REA Group in July 2019 and has a nationwide presence with over 315 expert advisors. The brand settles $5 billion in loans every year and has helped over 290,000 people to secure loans. It has been named Australia’s top franchise nine times and enjoys an average client service rating of 4.9 out of 5.

    9. Baker's Delight

    Established in 1980, Baker’s Delight is a true Australian success story. The bakery franchise has been committed to gratifying customers with its high-quality, fresh and delicious bread. Currently, the brand is operating in more than 700 locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

    The company has improvised to introduce Wholegrain LowFOD loaf which has helped several people with food intolerances to eat bread without any health problems. With 38 years of experience in the field and staggering average operating profits, it is a worthwhile business opportunity for the baking enthusiasts and food entrepreneurs.

    10. Roll'd

    Exotic cuisines have always generated high foot-traffic in eateries, and when you are serving scrumptious Vietnamese food, it is bound to become a hit with the audience. In the short span of six years, Roll’d has become a 71-unit franchise network from being a single location restaurant in the Melbourne CBD.

    The food chain has mixed Vietnamese flavours with Australian delights to create an amalgamation that suits the palate of Australians with ease. The fast-growing food chain has expanded into international markets and has launched a sister food retail brand by the name of Mama’s Buoi.


    So whether you are interested in running a restaurant or becoming a cleaning expert, there are several franchises for sale which can help you realise your professional goals. Grab one of the biggest home-grown brands to make your mark in the industry and start flourishing in the shortest possible time.

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