Top Ten Australian Franchises

Franchising in Australia is one of the most promising and progressive business sectors of the economy. Initially, it was thought of as a means of b...

  • Top Ten Australian Franchises
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    Top Ten Australian Franchises

    Franchising in Australia is one of the most promising and progressive business sectors of the economy. Initially, it was thought of as a means of benefiting from foreign products and system, but in present scenario it has become the most preferred and reputed format for the entrepreneurs, providing them with competitive resources to expand and grow their business and compete against the large corporations that dominate Australian retailing.

    According to an estimate by The Franchise Council of Australia that in comparison to any other country, Australia has a dense network of the franchise, with almost 1,20 brands and over 80,000 franchise units for a population of 23.5 million. The employment opportunity offered by these outlets count up to 4,50,000 people and garner a revenue of around $ 131 billion.

    While one can find many foreign franchises performing well in Australia, the top performing are the ones with native origin. 85 percent of the most successful franchises are of Australian descent. Here is a list of top 10 Australian franchises for 2017.

    1. Gelatissimo

    Gelatissimo, a handcrafted gelato franchise, was founded in 2002 with its first store on King Street in Sydney. Their success story began with churning gelato in store with their authentic family recipe and today they have 50 stores across six countries including the home turf Australia.

    The company has always worked hard on keeping the logistics right as it is very complicated when dealing with a temperature sensitive product like fresh gelato where no preservatives are added. So, to cut down on waste and keep the freshness of product intact they introduced a kit production system for their franchisees to give them an edge over their contemporaries.

    Gelatissimo has become a promising investment as they have a well-structured franchise model in place where they not only provide training to their franchisees but also support them in store through an initial trading period and later with regular visits. They also have a franchise development team that is always on the lookout for new sites.

    The company has been awarded various awards in all these years for its products and franchise system, latest one of which is ‘Excellence in Franchising’ by Franchise Council of Australia.

    2. Foodco

    Foodco Group Pty Ltd, operating since 1989, has become a leading franchise business with 420 retail business outlets, trading through three concepts in 7 countries. The three concepts are Muffin Break, Dreamy Donuts, and Jamaica Blue. Around 128 Jamaica Blue stores have been opened in South-East Asia and 275 Muffin Break outlets across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and India.

    The franchisor is best known for its training programmes which include product development & procurement, marketing, IT and human resources. Also, the management is dedicated providing support to its retail stores in all key areas like accounts, legal, development & leasing, store design and construction. For these programmes initiated by the management, Foodco has received accolades from Franchise Corporation of Australia.

    3. Gutter-Vac

    Warren Ballantyne, the founder and owner of Gutter-Vac, invented the first persuasive gutter vacuuming machine in 1995. Since its inception, the company has opened its franchise in 45 locations across Australia and has earned the reputation of an original cleaning franchise which comes with new and progressive vacuum equipment. Its premier services include quick and effective cleaning of internal and corporate gutters, ceiling spaces, roofs, residential water sumps, rainwater tanks, and power washing with its patented Thunder-Vac Technology Process.

    The company has a good track record of franchise development and support, and this is the reason the company has been able to carve a niche out of the market where there was no gutter cleaning category, and no such business existed before. The owners are also looking forward to expanding in UK and Europe, where there is high demand for its technology and services.

    4. The Coffee Club

    Since its inception in 1989, The Coffee Club has become Australia’s largest cafe franchise business, serving homegrown coffee, with around 400 stores in 9 countries, 40 million loyal customers and a turnover exceeding $400 million.

    Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas cruise were the co-founders of Coffee Club who entered the untapped hospitality market of Australia and created a brand that was casual, sophisticated and stylish yet affordable. But with the stepping in of new director John Lazarou and his new market strategies, the brand grew to new heights and got recognised globally.

    The brand is now owned by Minor DKL Food Group, who is the franchisor and have the legal rights of the intellectual property of The Coffee Club, for national as well as international markets.

    5. Poolwerx

    Poolwerx, Australia’s largest pool and spa maintenance franchise was founded in Brisbane in 1992. Since then it has seen tremendous growth, and today the company has a network in over 300 territories with around 100 retail stores and over 330 Mobile Service Vans. The company has plans to open many more retail stores in Sunbelt region of America.

    Poolwerx has an array of locations within Australia both regional and metro as retail available for sale, a man in a van and multi vans. It encourages budding entrepreneurs by offering them the outstanding support, marketing, business development system and an unmatched experience of 25 years. The company was given the prestigious Established Franchisor of the Year Award for 2016 by Franchise Council of Australia.

    6. Mad Mex

    Mad Mex is a Mexican food chain franchise serving healthy, fresh and authentic Mexican food to its customers in a fun and fast-casual environment. It has been voted as the “Best Mexican in Australia” in Lifestyle Channel’s “I Love Food Awards”. They have changed the approach of Mexican food from greasy and unhealthy to a much healthy one.

    It makes for a wise investment as it covers both the fastest growing retail categories of Australia; Mexican food and fast-casual chain. Mad Mex is opening at least ten stores every year with the record being 36 stores in 16 months period. They have a perfect franchise program in place to keep up with this unmatched success. There is an initial six-week training program for their franchisees and their management team before the opening of a new store. This follows by two-week onsite support by the highly experienced team to ensure the best possible start for the newcomers.

    7. Battery World

    Battery World is celebrating 20 years of success in the business world and has become Australia’s one of the most sought-after franchise. The company has 95 stores nationally and an extensive plan to open around ten stores every year for coming five years, across Australia.

    Battery World has the expert knowledge, extensive product range and problem-solving skills with the experience of over 20 years on offer for its franchisees. Last year itself the company extended its national coverage by opening new franchise stores in 9 new locations, out of which Rocklea (QLD) will be the first in the country to drive sales through driving through the services and Southbank (VIC) became the first CBD flagship store.

    8. Smartline

    Smartline, founded in 1999, is Australia’s acclaimed mortgage broking business which aims at providing right loan consultation to their customers and providing them help regarding buying property, paying off their loan as soon as possible and expanding their property portfolio. For this, they created a franchise business with brilliant software, and they aimed at providing remarkable services to their customers, rather than spending on advertising. For this, they have more than 250 experts around the country.

    According to the official data, Smartline has arranged a mortgage for over 275,000 Australians and helps in writing on average over $20 million in loans every year. Smartline has achieved these results by working in partnership with pioneer mortgage broking companies, The Mortgage Gallery and Mortgage Force.

    Owing a Smartline mortgage broking franchise is a good opportunity for a better future as by investing in this chain you not only get their goodwill but along with it comes to their experience and support to build a better business. They have also been the recipient of the “Top Franchise of The Year Award” for last eight consecutive years and have been recognised at the highest level by the Australian mortgage and franchising industries.

    9. Baker's Delight

    Baker’s Delight, a well-known name in Australia was co-founded by Roger and Lesley Gillespie in 1985. With its fresh products and signature Cheesymite roll, the bakery entered the franchising industry in 1988 as they already had 15 bakeries in action and needed to have a different management structure to expand more. Today, after 35 years of success, Bakers Delight can be found in more than 700 locations across Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

    The food chain has won “Australian Franchise System of the Year” and “Food Retailer of the Year” award several times and has been nominated one of the top 10 retailers in the Asia Pacific Top 500 Retailers awards. Baker's Delight franchise comes with an established and well-known brand name and excellent baked goods that guarantee a profit investing. The franchise not only gets assistance from the support office of Baker’s Delight but fellow franchisees as well.

    Franchising has become a highly respected business model and is showing growth across Australia. The top ten mentioned in this article have maintained cordial relations with their franchisees and worked towards improving and lifting the satisfaction levels by specific actions; whether it be providing better training, giving support and technical advice to make the business profitable or harnessing time-saving technologies for their franchisees.

    10. Roll'd

    The first Roll’d store, opened by Bao in 2012, was located in Melbourne's city centre. He owned it jointly with his cousin Tin Ly and schoolmate Ray Esquires. In a short span of time this Vietnamese street food chain has gained so much popularity in Australia that it has been awarded the “Best Brand Story Award” in 2014 and “Multi-Site Restaurant Award” in 2015. Roll’d be the largest Vietnamese food franchise business in Australia with 60 stores in the country serving authentic street-style Vietnamese street food like pho, banh mi sandwiches, rice paper rolls and Vietnamese salads

    With its systematic franchise model in place, Roll’d make an ideal investment for those who wish to invest in the food category. The owners treat the franchisees as their own family and thus call for people who love food, share the same family values and have experience running a small business or have a burning desire to run their own business.

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