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Who is Absolute Business Brokers? We're a company that never stops trying to do it better. At Absolute Business Brokers, good has never been good enough.  We are at the forefront of the industry - in knowledge, innovation, technology, and

Absolute Business Brokers

Absolute Business Brokers

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Who is Absolute Business Brokers?

We're a company that never stops trying to do it better. At Absolute Business Brokers, good has never been good enough. We are at the forefront of the industry - in knowledge, innovation, technology, and in pioneering new services. Through innovation and personalisation, we're advancing the practice of business sales. Strategic and targeted marketing is the key to success, ensuring an educated and smooth transition for all parties involved so no stone is left unturned in the search for excellence. You can count on us to continue being a catalyst for positive change, because we never stop trying to do it better.

Our mission is to remain at the forefront of business sales and to stay one step ahead with technology and the latest innovations. Our clients are our lives, and their businesses are their lives. By maintaining the utmost ethical standards and understanding the emotional processes, our purpose is not only to achieve maximum results, but follow through to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved. This can only be achieved by continuous research, and recognizing and seizing opportunities for growth that builds upon our strengths and competencies. They remain the foundation upon which we continue to build our success today.


Most sellers have some idea about what their business should sell for. This is taken into consideration, but at Absolute we will review your business operation and its financial records, then use proven techniques to assist you in determining the fair market value of your business in today's marketplace. The sellers must realize that a buyer will pay what a business is worth today - not what it might be worth in the future. Absolute Business Brokers will guide you through the time-consuming process of finding the right buyer, negotiating the many details of the sale, and working closely with the accountants and other parties involved. We use many different personal interviews with prospective buyers to determine their individual requirements, goals and objectives. We also discuss the financial resources they have available to purchase a business.

The Steps Necessary to Sell Your Business

1. The Consultation

At the meeting, we will review the procedures for the sale of your company. You will be advised of all pertinent data necessary for the sale.

2. Getting The Facts

Information concerning company history, financial status, and industry position will be assembled for the appraisal. The size and complexity of the business will determine the degree of analysis necessary to complete the appraisal. In some cases, a written, indepth report will be prepared to arrive at the market value of your business.

3. The Marketing Plan

We will assist and guide you in determining the best possible marketing strategy for your business

4. Qualifying Buyers

Absolute Business Brokers will carefully screen all prospective buyers before they have access to any proprietary information about your company. A buyer's background, qualifications, experience, financial resources, and references will be examined. The buyer will also require to sign a confidentiality agreement.

5. Structuring Transaction

Absolute Business Brokers knows that price is only one factor in negotiating a sale. Through training and experience, we are fully qualified to lead these negotiations, offering assistance in many facets in negotiations with the various parties involved in a business sale.

7. Closing

Absolute is experienced in closing transactions. we will work both with you and with the buyer's lawyers, accountants, bankers and other professionals to ensure that everything is appropriate for the transition to new ownership.

8. Confidentiality

Absolute Business Brokers engages in transactions that require the utmost level of confidentiality, similar to the relationships of Lawyers and Accountants with their clients. We will not discuss any confidential details concerning your business over the telephone, nor will we give confidential information to potential buyers until they have signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.


Absolute has the largest on-line presence and market share. Our facilities and resources include:

  • State of the art technology for each staff member
  • • #1 presence on Google
  • • Our Business Commercials on Youtube (3000 subscribers and counting)
  • • Many staff members
  • • Facebook page at Absolute Business Brokers (with over 70,000 hits and counting)

Absolute does not pretend to know everything. Knowledge is power and Absolute Business Brokers chooses to develop its strength of knowledge by building relationships with other companies that help improve its service offerings. Our consultative approach to partnering with clients, our ability to do what others couldn't and can't, and our expertise in providing solutions to problems beyond the ability of other agents are established points of difference and advantages that Absolute brings to all of its clients. Such consistent performance makes us the agent's of choice for many of Australia's most successful companies.

Understanding Your Business

Absolute realises that every business is unique and therefore has different needs when it comes to business sales. Our business team works closely with clients to understand the dynamics of their business and develop the right marketing strategy to suit their budget and needs.


When doing business with Absolute, results are paramount. Absolute is considered to be above the industry standards for reliability and results amongst its peers. We achieve these standards by:

• Experienced brokers (not only in the industry but with all of Absolute's brokers having had their own business - they know what is expected)

•Utilising state of the art technology putting Absolute one step ahead

• Marketing schedules designed for maximum exposure in both local and international markets

• Absolute works exclusively with several international migration services

• Working in conjunction with other brokers worldwide

• In house training to make sure all of Absolute's staff is up to date with personal skills as well as industry skills.

• Senior brokers lead the teams, and they are fully licenced in the field.

• Customer satisfaction surveys and testimonials. Absolute are constantly looking for feedback on ways to improve processes.

• Customers are surveyed regularly to ensure they are completely satisfied with our service and results.

• Absolute are members of the REIV and AIBB.

Research and Development

Absolut's R&D team constantly travels the world to bring you the latest in technology, media and new ideas to improve and stay ahead.

State Of The Art Equipment

We are continually searching for new equipment and tools to give our clients the competitive edge. We are the first business brokerage firm to go paperless and have all media, documents, agreements and contracts on iPads, including our database with all the knowledge we need at our fingertips for dealings with our buyers and vendors.

International Associates

We are a part of an elite membership of noncompetitive industry professionals who openly share products, knowledge, tricks, traps and assist each other in improving and fulfilling the needs of our clients simultaneously across Australia and Worldwide. Absolute can provide clients the combined experience and knowledge of the best in the world.

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