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Action Business Coach
Action Business Coach Contact Person : Christine Beard Address : 12 Julius Ave  North Ryde NSW Phone : 02 9111 5000
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Action Business Coach

Here's how you can meet one of the top award winning Business and Executive Coaches in the world and find out how you can build your business, advance your career and achieve incredible results ......

Why would you think about meeting me and taking a look at booking me as your coach?

Well, because I was born to win and succeed. Everything about me is breaking down barriers and smashing through them - just for fun. My clients love pushing the limits beyond everyone else's vision of what is possible. Together we only do awesome and are driven to push for results, riches, recognition and happiness. If for you first place is the only place, then I am likely to be the coach for you. I work with people who win awards; who have to be the best employers; who have a compelling dream and are hell bent to achieve it.

If you are prepared to do whatever it takes and you are the sort of person that believes that everything is possible once you know how, then call me Christine Beard, Millionaire Level Business and Executive Coach with ActionCOACH on 02 9111 5000 and book in for a free Business Coaching session with me (value $700) or a complimentary Business and Career Healthcheck (value $250). If you are determined to be a superstar, spend a couple of hours with me for FREE and find out some fantastic ideas for developing your business, your results and your career. I have been ranked the number 1 ActionCOACH Business COACH in Australia and the number 2 ActionCOACH in the world. I am part of a firm of coaches and our firm in North Ryde is the number 1 ActionCOACH firm in the world. In August 2011, I won Global Coach of the Year 2011 at our Global Conference in Miami and Coach of the Year 2010 at our Asia Pacific Regional Conference.

So, do you want to find out how to work less hours and make more money? If you do, call me 02 9111 5000 or email me NOW (****@****) and spend an hour or so with me to find out how you can - remember its FREE.... all you risk is your time. And no need to take my word for it, take a few mins to check out what some of my clients have to say about me - click on the testimonial tab at the top... Or call me and ask for their mobile numbers..... so you can hear it from them in person.....

If you are you looking for mentoring, business training, leadership and management skills help, change transformation, improved business acumen you have come to the perfect place. If your title is CEO, CFO, General Manager, Manager, Director, Partner, Business Owner, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, Financial Controller, Supervisor or Team Leader to name but a few, I am waiting to help you. Perhaps, you have challenges with poor time management, are a procrastinator and lacking in self discipline - act NOW today and book in for a free trial session and find out how you can change all that. Or is it leadership issues? Maybe team cohesion and communication concerns...... I can help. I guarantee that in your free session you'll get ideas you can use straight away. Call me 02 9111 5000 or email me ****@****. I am based in North Ryde and normally these sessions are held in my office so that I have your undivided attention away from your team and your business distractions but they can also be held at your office when appropriate.

What is your plan to grow your business, to achieve more? Looking for leadership coaching? Are you or the team in need of business training? Once again, I can help. I am an acclaimed professional speaker happy to conduct in house as well as publically attended business growth seminars and workshops.

As a business owner myself (previously I practised as a lawyer, was a partner in a top law firm in the UK and a recognised leader in my field), I understand what it is like to work way too hard so as to enjoy great success and financial rewards only to wake up one day to discover that my business was starting to affect my health and had practically taken over my life. When I became a client of ActionCOACH, my coach helped me see how I to reach my dreams and vision for my life and my future but not at the expense of my family and my health. Now I am a ActionCOACH Business Coach too and I get a buzz out of seeing my clients achieve their true potential.

I am here to help you - provided you are ready to change. High performing companies make more profits. High performing teams deliver more. High performing executives achieve more.

There is no time like the present, right NOW, to get started. If this seems what you have been looking for, call me on 02 9111 5000 or email me. I would love to meet you to show you what I am talking about. And..... just so you know, I understand that coaching is not for everyone - so let's spend a couple of hours together so that you can find out if this would be beneficial for you. The only cost to you is your time.

Call me (02 9111 5000) or email me, Christine Beard, today (****@****). Book in for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION session either here at my offices in North Ryde, NSW or at yours. Find out how you can change the way you do business to achieve the results you deserve.

And the catch? Only that, at the end of our meeting there could be more than a significant chance that you'll be so inspired about booking me as your coach and so confident that investing in coaching will be the best investment you will ever make, that you will be keen to get started straight away. So lets talk about that too when you call me. (For now, I will tell you that there are a range of programmes available. They start from around 1k per month.)