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Pro-Active Accounting
Pro-Active Accounting Contact Person : Raymond Wong Address : 37 Jellicoe Street  Noble Park VIC Phone : 03 9792 1882
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Pro-Active Accounting


Looking for a good accountant? Here’s how to choose

To find a good accountant, ask the following 9 critical questions:

Does the accountant have knowledge of your industry to help you grow your business?

Our accountancy firm monitors and tracks statistical financial data from government resources about different types of small businesses. This data assists a good accountant to understand your industry and is the foundation in developing effective strategies to help your business grow and prosper.

Is the accountant able to think outside the box to help you reduce tax?

Our accountancy firm can help you reduce your tax by thinking outside the box, especially if your business is highly profitable. The more profitable your business is, the more tax you can save, a good accountant can show you how.

Is the accountant able to protect your assets?

No-one wishes to think that their business would get into strife, but a good accountant should assist you in taking preventative measures so that you are protected.

Your business assets include cash at bank, trading stock and expensive equipment. If you are sued for debts or negligence, these business assets can be taken over by your creditors. If the realization of your business assets is not enough to cover the claim, your creditor can sell your family home to recover the claims.

We can help you take preventive measures to protect both your business assets and your family home.

Will your work be handled by an experienced accountant or by a trainee accountant?

Unbeknown to many business owners, while they are able to talk to a senior accountant in most accountant firms, it is usually a trainee or junior accountant who handles the actual work behind the scene. To ensure the high standard of our services, we do not employ junior or trainee accountants. Your work will only be handled by senior accountants if you engage our services.

Is the accountant willing to give you a fixed price quote before the work starts?

Most accountants charge based on the time they spent. This can blow your budget out of proportion, if the accountant spends more time than expected. If an accountant gives you a very low hourly rate, it is usually an indication that this accountant is desperate for work for a number of reasons. These may include inexperience or work inefficiency which will ultimately cost you more.

Our accountancy firm can provide you with a fixed quote before the work starts to ensure you stay within your budget.

Is the accountant able to provide you with 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Under our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied with our services, you do not have to pay us for those services we have delivered to you. We will scrap the fees, this is how confident we are about our service excellence and any good accountant should be!

Is the accountant willing to travel to your premises to provide service without extra charges?

We can visit your premises without extra charge for travelling. Our fee is limited to a fixed price as quoted prior to commencing the work.