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Website Marketing First

A Website is not a ‘Set and Forget ‘ medium. The internet is constantly changing and you need to be updating and adding information on a regular basis. A Blog is a good way of doing this and Google loves them. It isn’t hard to get into the routine of adding quality interesting information about your product, brand or service.

Website Marketing First can help you with quality additions to help you with your websites ranking….

As an Example we can help you with:

QR Code scannerWebsite Barcodes - These are now everywhere and are scanned with your mobile phone with Free QR reader ‘Neo Reader’.
Their appearance in Australia took a little time but it is amazing what can be inbeded in one of these and the many ways that they can be utilised – The new inovative way to advertise ANYTHING -

No more having to print brochures, use your website as your advertising medium. Ask us how

Website Marketing First

Logos – Do you need your own Identity – we can help you. How important is it for your business to have their own branding? Logos are apart of your branding, it quickly states who you are. When you see the Nike ‘Tick’ it brings to your mind a whole marketing plan not just a name.

Doctor CheckupWebsite Doctor – a Website Health Check – You need to know if your Website is working for you. There are many ways of checking to see if your website and marketing are working for you. Google is the centre of the web universe and they virtually stipulate how you must do things. When Google decide to change their algorithms your website can drop off the map if you are not up to date with ALL aspects of marketplace.

Phone - SmartphoneMobile Websites – Optimised to suit your Mobile – No more scrolling to the left and right and expanding. More people use their mobile device to search the internet than their home computer. Make it easier for your prospective customers to find you.
Adapted for all devices. Mobile Phone, iPad, Mini iPad, Android etc

www surf

New Website Design – How do people find you? If they searched for you on the internet would you show up? Be one step ahead of your competitors.
We do extensive research to give you the information to build an optimised keyword rich website. We are in constant contact with marketers from all over the world and keep up to date with the latest in technology and trends.

Website revamp
Website Refurbishment – Does your website look tired? How long has it been since you ‘Renovated’ your website. Like a spring clean – every site needs it now and again. Refurbishment will help to lift your presence on the internet.
With technology changing constantly there are new ideas on promoting your business that can be implemented with your website makeover

HackedWebsite Security – Did you know that hackers play games with your website? They have competitions to see how many websites they can hack in 1 hr, 1 night etc. Its all just a game to them. Ask us how we can help your website stay safe from them on the internet. We have a high rate of success. Though we cannot guarantee 100% that your website will be safe we do use security measures that will make them not want to bother. We are constantly in contact with those that research the best ways to achieve internet safety.

Mobile AppMobile Apps – The newest edition to the market place and taking the industry by storm. This is definately the way to go. A fantastic way to get the message our to your loyal customers fast…..

Great for services like Hairdressers, Restaurants, Beauty industry etc.
When you know you are going to have a slow day/night just send out a push notice. ‘Half price Pizza for the next 2 hours’
You will have them running to your store….

Reputation Management

Reputation Management – Have you ever had a bad business review that has effected your reputation. Well we can help you to overcome this.
Just think – How often do you look up accommodation on the internet and the first thing you do is to look at the revues… If someone has had a bad experience and written an unpleasant revue and it is not the owners fault, this can cause thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Unfortunately unless the writer takes down the revue it will always be there. It takes time but these revued can be pushed down the pages so that they are buried below all of the ‘good stuff’

Please contact us to ask how we can help you achieve the Best out of your Website