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The harbour city of Sydney is located in the state of New South Wales. The sun-bleached beaches, world-class restaurants, monumental high-rise buildings, grand structures – you get a glimpse of everything in this stunning expanse of land. Swarming with people, it is the most densely populated city in the entire country as well as Oceania. Its coastal trail, Blue Mountains, taverns, festivals and delicious fare are the highlights of the stimulating experience that the city extends to its visitors.

From being a colonial post to experiencing the famous gold rush, Sydney has come a long way. The post World War II era saw it transforming into a multi-cultural society with a strong economic backbone. Although it has become the most expensive city, it continues to be the most liveable one across the globe. Termed as the Alpha World City, it has a stronghold in tourism, finance and manufacturing with loads of business opportunities in Parramatta and the CBD. An array of multinational banks and enterprises are located in Sydney making it a financial powerhouse in the Asia-Pacific region. It is also one of the most frequently visited places among travellers as millions congregate here to catch a glimpse of its famous landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden, Hyde Park and many more. The staggering number of tourists visiting the city peaked to 1.7 million in 2017, and the number keeps increasing every year. Naturally, the hospitality sector is thriving and cafe for sale in Sydney is at an all-time high.

As per the Global Economic Power Index, Sydney is positioned at the 11th spot in the world. Besides a booming financial sector, the city is deeply involved in the creative and technology domains. As many as 283 multinational companies have set up their regional offices in the city. It is also quite preferred among the international students who study a variety of vocational courses in huge numbers in Sydney. Of course, it is the best place to start a business or acquire an established venture because it is the largest economy in Australia. The CBD region is an enormous money minting zone which has deeper pockets of commercial activity including the Parramatta. Chatswood is another bustling trading district which is home to several towering facades and the prestigious studio of 20th Century Fox. Not to forget, Sydney is also the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of Australia and Australian Stock Exchange.

Healthcare, financial services and professional services sector are the leading industries in the region and have proved beneficial in propelling its growth. With a gross regional product of $115 billion and more than 68,000 local businesses, it is a treasure trove of opportunities waiting for business minded individuals. If you are looking for an opportunity to set your foot in the trade and commerce industry, then there is no better place than Sydney. Check out our listings for businesses for sale in New South Wales that will help you get started.

We have 957 businesses for sale and franchise opportunities in Sydney, New South Wales. There are multiple businesses for sale in different categories such as 198 Cafe And Coffee Shop, 79 Takeaway Shop, 67 Franchise, 57 Restaurants, 39 Manufacturing And Industrial Businesses, 27 Food Related Businesses, 25 Other Businesses, 24 Hairdressing Businesses, 23 Fashion Businesses, 22 Retail Business and many more.

The prominent locations around the Sydney Region are 96 business opportunity in Abbotsbury, 69 Business listings in Bondi, 68 in North Sydney, 50 business opportunity in Parramatta, 44 in Chatswood, 40 business listings for Penrith, 39 for Liverpool, 38 in Surry Hills, 37 business opportunity in Abbotsford and many more.

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