Tobacconist For Sale In Australia

A huge chunk of the Australian population loves to enjoy cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco-based products. The recent increase in unit prices has led to the growth of the industry despite the regulations and taxation. The prices are expected to rise further which means that the profits will continue to go up. Retail distribution channels have created a stronghold in the market for cigarettes, cigars, and fine cut tobacco. As a result, tobacconists for sale in Australia have become highly sought-after opportunities as they offer competitive prices to consumers and are quite popular among the locals. These retail and wholesale tobacconists have various specialised tobacco products and related gift items which add to the profit margins. Acquiring a tobacconist for sale is a prudent decision as the turnkey business is ideal for first-time buyers who are looking for high-yielding propositions that come with the promise of growth and expansion.

How is Acquiring A Tobacco Business For Sale A Profitable Proposition?

With 70% of tobacco sales taking place at retail stores, tobacco business for sale is viewed as a flourishing venture to be taken forward. Many entrepreneurs have invested in this business as the temptation for tobacco brings customers to their stores and makes them purchase other items as well. It has improved the profits and the vast variety of international and local brands has further strengthened the foot-traffic. In 2016 alone, more than 14 billion cigarettes were sold in Australia which shows the volume of consumption in the country. Also, consumers spent $7.81 billion on cigarettes in retailer shops in 2015. These stats prove that Australians love their tobacco.

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