Business For Sale In Western Australia

The largest state in the country, Western Australia covers the entire western third of Australia. Bounded by the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean, it is well-known for its vast marine life with over 500 species. Lush landscapes, white sandy beaches, serene rivers, unspoilt environs and natural wonders make it an extraordinary adventure for people from all walks of life. With the major chunk of the population living in the south-west corner, the wilderness is untouched and waiting for explorers.

From outback escapades and natural attractions to world’s best culture, food and lifestyle, Western Australia has something for everybody. With its five diverse regions, it transports travellers and locals into different zones which are a haven for holidaymakers and nature lovers. Its capital, Perth is an all year round holiday hotspot given its sunny and salubrious weather. With a booming music, food and theatre scene, it hosts many world-famous events that attract loads of people to its borders. The streets and shopping centres are dotted with shops of international brands and labels selling anything and everything. Fast food chains are a common sight and that is why franchises for sale in Perth are generating a lot of buzz.

The state generates almost 46% of the country’s exports and is the second-largest producer of iron-ore in the world. Besides heavy economic dependence on mineral and petroleum extraction and processing, the state is also a major centre for finance, insurance, automotive, tourism, hospitality, and many other sectors. The investment based economy has now moved on to become an exports based economy. Besides iron-ore, the state is driven by the export of gold, liquefied natural gas and agricultural products. Naturally, business opportunities in South Coast WA and other regions are being viewed as lucrative options by entrepreneurs and savvy investors.

The gross state product was recorded at a staggering $247.7 billion in 2016-17, and the terms of trade soared by 13% in the same fiscal year. The total employment has also risen in the last few years with the services industry taking centre stage and employing 73% of the working population. The surge in demand for minerals and petroleum across the world, especially in countries like China and Japan, has bolstered the economy further. Fishing, manufacturing and tourism are adding to the capital-intensive financial system and making it a wealthy state. Obviously, it is a preferred destination for investors to invest in business propositions like start-ups and businesses for sale in Perth and other regions of WA. If you too are looking for such an opportunity, browse our listings to know more.

We have as many as 511 businesses for sale and franchise opportunities in Western Australia listed on our site. These multiple businesses for sale belong to diverse categories such as 40 Cafe And Coffee Shop For Sale, 37 Franchise For Sale, 24 Food Related Businesses For Sale, 22 Restaurants For Sale, 21 Manufacturing And Industrial businesses for sale, 21 Retail Business For Sale, 19 Automotive businesses for sale, 19 Service businesses for sale, 17 Accommodation businesses for sale, 15 Building And Construction businesses for sale and many more.

The prominent locations in WA are Perth having 347 opportunities, Mandurah having 59 Businesses for sale, Fremantle having 38 listings for sale, Bunbury with 30 opportunities, South Perth having 23 Businesses for sale, Busselton with 23 Businesses for sale, Subiaco having 19 opportunities, Regional Wa with 15 Business opportunities, Albany having 15 Businesses for sale, Geraldton having 15 listings for sale and much more.

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