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Forget Owning A Restaurant, Own A Restaurant Dining Guide Instead. You Get Paid Every Month Without All The Worry!

Location:Perth, Western Australia


Asking Price:$29,000


  • Sales revenue : $7,330
  • Net profit : $6,000
  • Furniture/Fixtures value : $3,500
  • Inventory/Stock value : Undisclosed
  • Forget Owning A Restaurant, Own A Restaurant Dining Guide Instead.  You Get Paid Every Month Without All The Worry!
  • Forget Owning A Restaurant, Own A Restaurant Dining Guide Instead.  You Get Paid Every Month Without All The Worry!
  • Forget Owning A Restaurant, Own A Restaurant Dining Guide Instead.  You Get Paid Every Month Without All The Worry!
  • Forget Owning A Restaurant, Own A Restaurant Dining Guide Instead.  You Get Paid Every Month Without All The Worry!
  • Forget Owning A Restaurant, Own A Restaurant Dining Guide Instead.  You Get Paid Every Month Without All The Worry!

Business description

If you love food and restaurants, then owning this Perth Eatout Restaurant Guide is just the right business for you.

The franchise is already established with a small income and comes with absolutely everything youll need to get yourself going in this exciting business. See the site at [Web Link Censored];

Restaurants choose Eatout because we fully manage their on-line marketing for them saving them the hassle of not only building their own website but ensuring their restaurant is seen by 1000s of diners each month. Our service includes all changes without any extra costs, to help make it as easy as possible for restaurants to keep their menus up to date.

Heres why restaurants are turning to the internet for all their advertising these days...

Traditional advertising doesnt work anymore for restaurants

Newspaper and radio is too expensive, and the Yellow Pages charge outrageous fees. Just ONE ad could potentially pay for 6 months of 24/7 advertising on the internet. Newspaper and radio are usually only local advertising, and restaurants need to reach diners who live outside their area.

Google is where everyone is looking for restaurants
1000s of diners search Google every day looking for restaurants, they dont buy the paper to find them, they dont listen to the radio, they dont even use the yellow pages book anymore - they go straight to the internet, because they know thats where theyll find what they want.

Diners love choice
Its just like walking down the main street of town, the busiest street is the one with dozens of restaurants to choose from, not just one. A web site with lots to choose from will always be more popular than just looking at one restaurant, thats why every restaurant needs to be listed on a specialized restaurant dining guide web site like Eatout.

Heres why every restaurant needs to be seen on an Eatout Restaurant Guide...

The internet is cluttered with thousands of businesses competing for traffic and to be seen. Restaurants are being told to get online now but the problem is, most restaurants dont know the first thing about the internet and cant be bothered learning, theyre too busy cooking and managing their staff to find the time!

But they know they need to do something, the 3 choices they have are - pay a web company excessive amounts for a fancy bells and whistles website - build a website themselves or just do nothing! Each of these options results in the same thing - NO new business or new customers.

Even if their new fancy website looks totally awesome, how long will it take Google to put it on page one - I can tell you now it just wont make it!

So frustration sets in - the site is getting hardly any traffic, cant be found anywhere on Google, its not getting any new customers or its too costly to maintain.

Eatout is the solution - a Restaurant Guide online like NO OTHER out there...

A specialised restaurant dining guide that knows how to market a restaurant successfully, that doesnt cost a fortune and actually produces RESULTS!

Eatout has the added advantage of having its own in house experienced search engine optimizer to help get first page rankings on Google.

Plus it leaves our competition way behind with...

  • 15 absolutely stunning photos of the food & restaurant on every single restaurant
  • an endless number of viewable/printable menus and wine lists
  • awesome specials with coupons to print out
  • good looking printable maps with zoom in zoom out features right on the same page
  • customer comments ALWAYS positive keeping the reputation of the restaurant intact
  • PROOF it actually works, with detailed monthly statistics reports
  • 100% RISK FREE with NO contracts
  • NO hidden extras with scary setup fees
  • Easily affordable monthly payments instead of a huge one off fee
  • NO extra bills for anything - its all included - even menu changes
  • With changes made within 24 hours guaranteeing the most up to date information possible
  • A totally FREE email reservations and customer enquiry service
  • Secure anti spam software to protect restaurants from nasty emails
  • Email lists that NEVER get sold or used for any other purpose then allowed
  • NO other nasty advertising clutter to distract diners and take up valuable space
  • A chance to win a $100 Gift Card every month
  • Guaranteed a fair & equal chance of front page listing with UNIQUE automatic random rotation, no one can ever pay to be listed higher
  • FREE link to the restaurants own website with the number of clicks recorded on their stats report
  • Is dedicated to covering the whole of a country, not just one or two towns - the lot!
  • A monthly newsletter jammed packed with the latest advances to the site

Yes there are other restaurant dining guides out there...

Plenty of sites poorly designed, full of advertising with just name and address info which actually help no one, others have a bit more info here and there, but ABSOLUTELY NONE of them can come close to the amount of consistent and up to date information Eatout provides on EVERY SINGLE restaurant.

This extraordinary feat is achieved by our unique way of running this business, its run like a REAL business, where customers are loved, cherished and looked after at all costs, theyre never left high and dry to look after themselves. They also love the fact we dont have any contact or setup fees - EVER, not like most other websites do!

The proof of our success is in the numbers...

  • From a painful beginning with ZERO restaurants to a massive 600+ restaurants across New Zealand & Australia
  • From ZERO visitors to a staggering 70,000 a month. This figure just keeps on rising!
  • From a totally empty diner database to just over 13,000 now!
  • The site has a 37% repeat visitor average - this is HUGE!
  • An awesome page view average of 4.2! Thats MASSIVE!
  • Top 10 Hitwise Award... Hitwise announced that [Web Link Censored] is an Award winner.
  • Organic First Page Ranking On Google for our region keywords - this is VERY RARE and only achievable with specialized search engine optimization skills leant in-house by endless trial and error!
    You cant pay others to do this stuff even when they say they specialise in it, its just rubbish, it takes a ton of learning to master. Companies who offer these kinds of services usually have some fancy programme that spits out a bunch of keywords and page rankings but they cant tell you what you have to do to get Google to love your site and rank it highly. Google changes its algorithms all the time and they NEVER tell you whats changed. Theres no book you can buy either! Thats why we spend hours every month learning everything available to us, then we enhance the site and test to see what works. We just keep doing this all the time! It never ends, not if you want to Stay At The Top!
  • Over 20,000 incoming links from other websites who have confidence in us. And yes, every single one of these links is real, we have NEVER had to resort to paying link farms or doing anything like that, theres just no need. If you build your website and web business properly in the first place, everyone will want to link to you all by themselves!

Just look at some of the hundreds of comments we get every month from happy diners...

Think this website is great have used a couple of times to choose a restaurant/caf?
Its a fun website. I hope youll have more promotions and activities to win food or drinks vouchers!
Hello, Used your site to sort a suitable restaurant for Granny and the kids. Everyone ended up smiling
nice to see a dining out web and its nice and clear
very helpful, cheers
all looks very nice and tempting......
lovely food...
Site looks good, easy to find everything.

Heres some examples of the kind of bookings and enquiries our restaurants are getting RIGHT NOW...

From local diners, businesses & corporates, plus many overseas visitors are all enjoying the easy way to make a table booking or email a restaurant for more information.

Good Morning, I have a group of approximately 60 people travelling to New Zealand in late September this year and I was just enquiring whether your restaurant accommodates a large booking such as this? The group consists of mainly 12-13yr old boys and their parents. Would they be ordering off of the menu which is on your website, or, would the be provided with an alternative set menu as there are so many of them? Also, how much approximately would it be per head? Thank you very much for your assistance and I look forward to your reply. Kind Regards, Jennifer Australia

Hi, my fiance and I are looking to use your venue for our up-coming wedding-possibly as soon as (?25th ?26th) May this year. We are currently living overseas. I would love to know whether you are available for small wedding parties (we are keen to get married on the beach there) -would the menu differ much from the current website? (looks delicious!) and what sort of price do you set per head? Any information you could forward to me would be much appreciated, as we are a little short on time! Thanks! Amanda

Trying to organise a birthday dinner for a friend. Have estimated there could be 15 people attending. Looking at people arriving at 7:30 to 8 on the Thursday 19th April Do you have space available? Thanks Sarah, UK

Hello.i am wanting to book my mums surprise 50th birthday in youre restaurant. Can you accommodate for 20-30 persons? Also can you email me a copy of youre wine list as i would like to pre order wine for them. As im overseas its a little hard to organize. This will not be till may/june, but would like to start organising now. Look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards Kate

Hi As discussed we are looking for a venue for a combined 21st and 50th birthday. Our prefered dates are Saturday 1st or 8th September 2007 in the evening. There will be between 100 to 120 guests. Can you ring me to discuss costs and availability. Kind Regards Bob

Iam PA to corporate office of Fisher & Paykel - I am looking to make a booking for Monday 30 April for 16 of our senior Executives for dinner - in a private area if that is available. Can you advise whether you would be able to accommodate us on this date for dinner at 7pm and suggest menus? Thank you Regards Linda

And weve lots of success stories too, heres one of them...

One of the cheapest ways of marketing that I know. In the first week of releasing the special we had three groups of people come through The birthday special is working really well for us at Shiraz. In the first week of releasing the special we had three groups of people come through. Our birthday special was bring two or more people to celebrate your birthday with you at Shiraz and receive your main meal free. The total number of guests that arrived with our birthday people were 12 with bills totalling over $250 and thats without including the complimentary mains. The cost to me was approximately $18 for the 3 main meals. One gentleman told me he had photocopied the voucher and was going to come back and use it here again. I told him he was welcome to if he was going to bring another 6 people in and spent another $150! Why not for the sake of $6? One of the cheapest ways of marketing that I know. Rebecca Croad, Shiraz

Heres some Frequently Asked Questions Restaurants Have About Eatout...

Q: I already have a website thats doing pretty well, why do I need to be on Eatout?
Because new diners dont know you have a website unless they find it in Google and the chances of this are pretty slim. See for yourself, do a Google search on your region something like Brisbane Restaurants and see if your restaurant comes up on the first page, if it doesnt then youre missing out on a ton of new customers.

Q: Why do diners like Eatout better than other restaurant guides and how can you prove they keep coming back?
Its called quality content and basically the more a restaurant dining guide website has of it the more diners love it and keep coming back. To successfully do this, every single restaurant has to have the same sort of information displaying. So if one restaurant shows deliciously stunning food photos, then they all must have them otherwise how can you compare? Each restaurant must have a menu so the comparing goes on, if just one menu was missing this restaurant will get left out of the list of choices and you cant afford to be left out, thats for sure. Eatout employs professional photographers and sales reps to guarantee we always get the necessary information needed to showcase your restaurant against all others fairly.

Q: Why doesnt Eatout have 1,000,000+ visitors like some other websites?
Dining guides that boast hundreds of thousands of visitors each month sound impressive, but how many of these visitors are REAL diners and how many actually search deep into the site to find the restaurant they are looking for? The answers and proof are in the stats. Research shows visitors who look at more than 2.5 pages in one session are pretty good websites, 3 pages is excellent and a 4.6 page average is off the chart! Eatout.co.nz is achieving on average 4.2* pages for every single visitor every month. If these visitors werent real diners why would they bother looking around at so many pages!

*Statistics from Google Analytics. This program counts every page as a special code has been added to it.

Heres what youll get with your Perth Eatout business...

Small Start Up Costs
Unlike most other franchises out there, youll have no expensive equipment to purchase, inventory to stock, employees to hire, shop or office space to lease - you can literally turn a profit in your first couple of months in business! Every single restaurant in your area is a potential customer and theyre mighty easy to find! No tough searching for the right target market!

Domain Names
[Web Link Censored] & [Web Link Censored] are registered and are maintained and renewed by us.

Custom Eatout CRM Admin Area
This is one of the key success ingredients in this business. Youll be able to follow simple forms and menu selections to easily upload restaurants, photos and menus, theres nothing technical to learn, you dont need to be any kind of computer whiz to pick this up. Its so automated you hardly need to do a thing!

Email Addresses
These are all setup and ready to go.

Fully Managed Database
Emails are sent automatically every month without you having to lift a finger. This includes the very important Statistics Reports, it will even choose a winner of the $100 gift card and sent it on the 1st of each month without fail! The extra special secret Birthday email is also sent automatically with specials included.

Monthly Newsletter To Restaurants
This will be written for you and emailed out automatically without a thought.

Twitter, Facebook & Google Adwords
Well show you exactly what to do to get these important marketing tools to work for your franchise.

Clear, Well-Organized Training Materials
Well give you step-by-step instructions on precisely how to start, grow and profitably operate your business. The manual includes sections on sales presentation methods, benefits that appeal to restaurants, sales scripts to get appointments, dos and dont with the website etc. Youll receive information on how to get your first restaurants, unique marketing and prospecting techniques, proven sales and appointment scripts, procedures on how to do your accounts and a special manual on taking photos.

5 Full Days of Personalized Training
Youll get in-depth, hands-on training on everything you need to successfully start and develop your business.

Topics include:
- How to set up and operate an Eatout franchise in your home
- A step by step guide on how to find your first restaurant, make the sales appointment and close the sale
- Advanced training on how to utilize Eatouts copyrighted CRM Admin Control Panel software system.
- How to take the perfect food photo in any condition in a restaurant. You dont need any experience

Some equipment is provided
This ensures youll have the right gear from day one so therell be nothing holding you back, heres whats included...

- Good quality laptop
- Quality digital camera with tilt view screen
- Quality tripod
- Photo light box

Full Support
As a franchisee you will have full access to our extensive technical and marketing support:
- This includes a weekly meeting to help with any issues you may have
- Live MSN support
- Free one-on-one phone support: Ask questions and solve problems fast, freeing up your time

High Customer Retention
After your initial business-building stage, you can start to sit back and enjoy your recurring income from your highly satisfied customers.

Exclusive Territory Of Restaurants
Enjoy the whole of Perth as your customer base.

Ongoing Business Coaching and Mentoring
After the initial in-depth 5 day training, keep on the path to success with coaching and mentoring from a senior Eatout Manager.

In summary, youll learn...
- Business Operation
- Office set up
- Legal requirements
- How to print your stationery
- Bookkeeping records, invoicing and payments
- Sales tax requirements
- Supplies & equipment
- Computer hardware
- How to use your software
- Marketing strategies
- Building customers relationships
- Sales techniques from start to close
- Giving effective one on one presentations
- Complete program pricing
- Pricing for add-on for photos and domain names.
- Taking the perfect photo
- Preparing the chef for your photo shoot
and much more!

Your earnings potential is HUGE...

Im not going to kid you, the first 6 months to a year is going to be the hardest and youll need some spare cash to support yourself in this time but after that, its all plain sailing and with each new listing your monthly income just keeps going up and up, month after month!

You can easily achieve a great income in just 2 years!

To give you an idea of your earning potential, each restaurant pays around $85.50 p/m and there are 4500 restaurants in Sydney alone, if you were to list only 10% of this, thats 450 restaurants, multiply this by $85.50 = thats a WHOPPING $38,475 A MONTH and $461,700 A YEAR!

Remember this is an internet business so theres no heavy overheads to pay, no staff, no rent or leases, leaving a staggering net profit after just 1 year.

Remember this includes tons of stuff...

- 5 days one on one training
- All the equipment including laptop, digital camera etc
- Plenty of in-depth manuals covering everything youll need
- Fully customised website for your territory
- Proven marketing & sales systems
- Ongoing mentoring
- Ongoing support

There are absolutely...

NO - Ongoing Franchise Fees
NO - Marketing Fees
NO - Royalties

There is only one very small monthly service fee which covers all your web hosting, web space for photos and menus, all upgrades to the CRM software, access to Google Analytics to monitor your own stats, any new enhancements we do to the site, support and much more. This fee is $13 per restaurant that is live on the website per month.

Note: All figures are not guaranteed. Estimates are based on actual figures from our New Zealand business and are not a guarantee that you will achieve the same.

Other Information

  • Selling Assets: Brand new laptop, camera, tripod & light box. Plus business cards included.
  • Is Business Home Based?: Yes, home based.
  • Franchise: Can send drafts of these.
  • Years Established: Since Feb 2008
  • Employees: none
  • Trading Hours: Work whenever you want
  • Support Training: 5 day training provided in Brisbane. Flights and accommodation included.
  • Reason For Selling: We had a franchisee who bought the franchise but it didn\\\'t work out for him.
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