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Franchise What do we offer

  • Access thousands of potential buyers everyday.
  • List on up to 30 websites including the top ranking websites for Businesses and Franchises for sale.
  • We provided service to maintain your account, add/edit listings and add valued input to get you the best exposure.
  • Refresh your listings once a month so your listings gain greater exposure on the front pages.
  • Listing in the Franchise Directories On 26 Websites On Business2Sell Network.
  • You have 24/7 exclusive access to maintain your account, add/delete/edit your listings and more
  • Our staff are always available to help maintain your account,and add/delete/edit your listings
  • We constantly monitor your listings and will suggest changes from time-to-time to increase your exposure
  • 3 Categories selected for each listing
  • Franchise Branding: Your Logo on your listings and your Phone Number on the Details page On Business2Sell Network.
  • NO SPAM: All Emails go through our SPAM Filters.
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    Account Maintenance

    From the start, we work with you to create the best advertisement in order to attract more buyers to your franchise. Once your account is setup, we perform weekly audits to monitor the performance of your listings. We work with you to ensure your listings attract the most possible leads. Our experienced staff constantly monitor your account and suggest any changes to improve account performance. We provide the tools so you are able to self-manage and maintain your account 24 hours a day but should you need assistance, please call us and we will change things for you.

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    Constant Monitoring

    We have designed our listing system with inbuilt tools that constantly monitor your account.

    Much like the diagnostic units of modern cars, the system constantly analyses the performance of each of your listings. If performance is below par, we will work with you to improve the performance including refreshing each listing every 2-3 weeks.

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    Valuable Statistics

    We have many years' historical data from our websites showing buyers behavioural patterns over time. We can use much of the information from these statistics as a valuable guide to help you choose the best locations and categories for your campaign.

    We monitor this data on a weekly basis. Should we detect any changes in the buyer’s behaviour, we will take steps to implement changes to your benefit.

  • service

    Advert Design

    From many years' historical data from our websites has been used to produce a template for creating our listing advertisements.

    We researched the best performing listings in our data base and along with other statistics, used the data to produce effective ads for all types of companies. We are happy to provide this service to you free-of-charge

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    Prime Listing Exposure

    Over the years, we have worked with well over 100 franchisors. This has enabled us to collate valuable data on the best performing listing advertisements and the specific reasons for their performance.

    From analysing this data we have created a series of proprietary algorithms that enable your listing to get the best possible exposure.

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    Understand Franchising

    Business2Sell have years of franchise experience and have worked with more than 100 of Australia’s top franchisors. We understand the nuances of your business, your wants and needs and use the information to produce listing advertisements that give stellar results.

    Our previous experience ensures you get the best exposure for your listings.

What our client say ?
  • I just want to thank you for your assistance in helping us market our business to potential franchisees on Business2Sell. We have only just recently become Master Franchisors and so marketing our business and to the right audience is top priority. We have gained our first franchisee from an enquiry through Business2Sell, which we are pleased about. Most importantly, Paul listens to me, is helpful and proactive, so I look forward to working with him in 2015.
    Emma Gilliings Master Franchisor of the best of Australia
  • I have found working with BUSINESS2SELL a truly enjoyable experience. Not only the results have been delivered, but the ongoing personalized service make a huge difference in time management for me. I have a wonderful account mgr. that I know by name and she looks after what is “trending” in my genre of advertising. She makes adjustments every few weeks for a tune up and is proactive. I have been advertising for 23 years in from paper to social media and BUSINESS2SELL works. All of the other services I use only contact me when it is time to renew and have no idea of my needs. I would not hesitate to try BUSINESS2SELL.
    Scott McDonald
    National Franchise Mgr.
    Yarra Valley Farms
  • Thank you to Business2Sell team for your support in helping Fernwood generating quality leads. Your suggestions and input into ad creation and category suggestions has worked very well for us. It is great to see the leads coming through and the calibre is quite good.I would recommend Business2Sell to any franchisors looking for franchisees.
    Maree Rogers
    Franchise Development Manager
    Fernwood Women's Health Clubs (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • If you are seeking a new business partner to assist you in providing a professional online sales enquiry solution, then Paul O'Brien is the person and business2sell the organisation you need to work with. I can highly recommend Paul for all his help and continued support.
    Ingo Schroeder
    Master Franchisee - Cartridge World in Australia

  • Business2Sell is a excellent team of professional that is continuously looking for ways to improve company's services and clients outcome, providing exceptional service at all times.
    Maria Scarinci
    National Franchise Development and Leasing Coordinator

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Who is with us ?

  • Coffee Guru
  • Medpods Medical Centre Franchise
  • SVA Vending
  • Food Trailer King
  • Commercial Safety Assurance
  • Senior Helpers
  • Cartridge World Queensland
  • Tutor Doctor
  • Venue Smart
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Who can help me if I cannot maintain my account or make changes?

We provide the service of maintaining your account on your behalf, if you are unable to do so. We refresh your listings once a month, check whether your categories are correct or not, and add valued inputs to make sure you receive the best exposure and maximum enquiries. We can add your listings and edit them also. Just email your request to our team at

What actions do you take if my listings are not receiving any enquiries?

Business2Sell makes sure that all our clients are happy with our services. We take various actions to ensure that you receive the desired results. We refresh your listings once every month. This helps in bringing your listings on the front pages to gain more exposure. If you are still not receiving any enquiries after these refreshes, please email us at or call us on 1300 556 121 and we will be more than happy to research your targeted locations and categories to help you boost your enquiries.

How many listings can a Franchisor add?

Business2Sell creates separate packages for franchisors in order to suit their desired requirements. Your listings can vary anywhere from 5 to 30 or even more depending on your needs. These are enough to put up your listings under several locations and gain higher exposure. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 1300 556 121.

I'm a Franchisor, how long will my listing appear on the site?

For franchisors, the listing appears for a minimum of three months. After this our packages are available on a month-to-month basis. If you have any other questions or wish to customise you package, feel free to contact us at 1300 556 121. Please note: If you ever wish to cancel your account, we require 30 days written notice prior to cancellation. 

I have a large amount of listings with the same content just different locations, is there a fast way of putting these adverts up to save time?

Yes, you can add more adverts with same content and different locations. When you log into your account, click on “Add New Business” to create your advert. To post more adverts with the same content but different locations, you need to select “Copy" option on the right hand side of your advert. This will make an exact copy of your advert. Then click on “Edit Advert” and change the location. This will save you from copying and pasting the content as well as uploading the images again and again. Please note that when you duplicate an advert, the duplicate listing will always appear on the top.

How much does it cost for Franchisors to list on Business2Sell?

For franchisors, we offer different packages depending on their requirements providing highest exposure in the Australian Market. We publish your listings on up to 30 websites including the top ranking websites for business and franchise for sale industry in Australia. We refresh your listings once every month in order to give you a better exposure by bringing you on the front page of all the websites we list you on. If you are interested in finding out more, then give us a call at 1300 556 121 or contact us at

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