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The most populated state of Australia, New South Wales is located on the east coast of the country. The vibrant state is home to beautiful sandy beaches and mesmerising natural wonders which make it one of the most famous places in the world. The state is popular for its tourist attractions like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House as well as the breathtaking Bondi Beach. Welcoming a flurry of day trippers, international visitors and local travellers every day, the urban area has developed exponentially in the past few years. The lanes of the metropolis are lined with fine dining options, cafes and eateries which call out to one and all. It is considered to be a booming industry in the state and this is the reason why cafe for sale in New South Wales is gaining traction.

The capital city of Sydney is the hub of information technology and financial services, besides being a major exporter of coal. In fact, the Sydney Central Business District is considered to be the main economic centre of the country. NSW is brimming with activity and people all the time, which makes it the central point of attraction for setting up businesses as well as selling the established ones to gain maximum returns. Undoubtedly, businesses opportunities in Sydney are being snapped up by entrepreneurs with a great zeal due to its prominence as a commercial hub.

The state is predominantly involved in coal exports and the boom in IT has replaced the old employment avenues generated by the shipbuilding and steel industries. With heavy concentration of headquarters of all the major IT companies in the state, it has become a hub of computer professionals. Tourism is another huge source of revenue for the state and is worth $25 billion and employs 7.1% of the working population. Being the largest state economy in Australia, its contribution was 33% to the country’s GDP. The private business investment is at an all time high in NSW, with the figures reaching $58 billion in 2012-13. This is the ripe time to leverage the flourishing economy for smart investors who wish to become entrepreneurs. While start-ups are coming up in every nook and corner, there is no dearth of people buying businesses for sale in Central Coast and other regions of the state.

We have 1352 businesses for sale and franchise opportunities in New South Wales listed on our site. These businesses are listed under numerous categories including 242 Cafe And Coffee Shop, 95 Restaurants, 85 Franchise, 76 Takeaway Shop, 50 Food Related Businesses, 47 Manufacturing And Industrial Business, 38 Retail Business, 34 Advertising Business, 33 Building And Construction Business, 32 Mobile Service Business and many more.

The most popular locations in the state are 883 business opportunity in Sydney, 97 Business listings in Abbotsbury, 71 in Coffs Harbour, 71 business opportunity in Bondi, 70 in Newcastle, 68 business listings for North Sydney, 50 for Parramatta, 48 in Wagga Wagga, 47 business opportunity in Central Coast, 43 Business listings in Chatswood and so on.

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