Franchise Australia

Franchising has come a long way in Australia from the time it commenced in the 1970s with the introduction of the US-based fast-food giants like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC offering their franchises for sale in Australia. The industry has grown exponentially in the past two decades to enter every sector of the market and is flourishing in every domain. The revenue clocked by the franchising industry in 2018 is approximately $182 billion with an annual growth of 1.2% in the past five years. The sector provides employment to as many as 594,500 people and has 1314 franchise businesses operating in the country. Service-based franchises for sale in Australia have been growing steadily due to the rising purchasing power of the qualified population. The franchise stores have become a significant part of the average consumer’s life. They are omnipresent and can be witnessed among fast-food joints as well as petrol stations and retail stores. Cafes for sale in Perth are among the most sought-after franchise businesses in the country with lots of listings.

Small business owners have benefitted immensely from the franchising business model which has allowed them to break into the market dominated by big conglomerates. A lot of entrepreneurs are opting for franchises for sale in Australia to step into commercial trading, and many are looking at this platform to expand their empire. Entering new geographical terrains becomes easy when you branch out and share the load with a driven individual who can take the legacy of the brand forward. Many businesses have entered international markets and are reaping the benefits of the franchising system which provide remarkable returns. Franchises for sale in Australia are the strong contenders in the market as they offer a profitable output.

Currently, 86% of the franchising systems operating in Australia are home-grown and have revolutionised retail trading in a major way. The sector has not slowed down and is holding a strong position in the transitioning economy. The retail industry rules the roost with the highest share followed by accommodation and food. The rest of the sector is dominated by administration and support services, personal services, IT and more. Food has been a significant gainer as consumers are always ready to try something new in terms of cuisine and preparation. If you too wish to get into this exciting and rewarding domain, then check out our listings for business for sale in Australia on this page.

Business2sell has 386 listings for the franchise for sale in Australia. These include 728 Cafe And Coffee Shop, 450 Other Business, 305 Restaurants, 252 Takeaway Shop, 189 Food Related Businesses, 148 Retail Business, 136 Service Business, 133 Building And Construction Business, 97 Manufacturing And Industrial Business, 89 Beauty Business and many more.

Popular locations in Australia are 1105 business opportunity in Melbourne, 888 Business listings in Sydney, 756 in Brisbane, 367 business opportunity in Gold Coast, 334 in Perth, 196 business listings for Adelaide, 162 for Southport, 143 in Surfers Paradise, 98 business opportunity in Sunshine Coast, 96 Business listings in Abbotsbury and much more.

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