Cafe And Coffee Shop For Sale In Australia

Australians are obsessed with coffee and the country has witnessed a sudden mushrooming of these shops in the past few years, and also a substantial increase in the number of cafe for sale in Australia. Brimming with big and small cafe and coffee shops, the nation is experiencing a prolific boom in the industry. The industry revenue jumped to reach a whopping $8 billion at an annualised growth rate of 5.1% during 2013-18. The extraordinary growth can be attributed to the strong demand for premium quality coffee and the willingness to spend some relaxing time in inviting cafes serving the fresh brews. The coffee culture is not a fad, as it has become the cultural identity of the country for all the right reasons.This is the reason a large number of people are showing interest in buying a cafe for sale in Australia. Popularised by the Greek and Italian immigrants during 1950s and 60s, coffee is the most sought-after commodity in the Australian markets. From Latte and Cappuccino to Flat White and Espresso, all the varieties, flavours and aromas can be found in abundance here. Besides coffee, the food scene is also prolific in the country which has made many investors opt for a franchise for sale in Australia.

According to, the coffee consumption per person in Australia was approximately 1.92 kilograms in 2017. Though the per capita consumption is not the highest in the world, the trading figures are quite envious. Currently, over 614,200 businesses are operating in the industry, which employ over 73,300 people. The rising competition has made the market conducive for growth and expansion. Several businesses have branched out into chains and franchises offering avenues for successful entrepreneurship to dynamic leaders in some uncharted territories with many more opportunities evolving to buy a cafe for sale in Australia. Many young entrepreneurs are looking for businesses for sale in Perth and other commercially viable regions of the country to take advantage of the booming trade sector.

The contribution of the industry to the Australian economy from 2012-13 to 2022-23 is expected to grow at 3.2% annually, surpassing the GDP growth rate at 2.5% during the same period. The number of businesses operating in the industry and cafe for sale in Australia is rising considerably. From specialty cafes to boutique coffee shops, there is a perfect outlet for each type of customer which satisfies the caffeine urges across the population. This high demand has made the sector a highly productive and thriving investment proposition for hospitality-driven individuals. If you are a coffee connoisseur who wants to be his own boss, then check out our listings for business opportunities in Australia. You will find your perfect match here.

Business2sell has 1747 listings for cafe businesses for sale in Australia. These include 434 café and coffee shops for sale in Melbourne, 374 cafés for sale in Sydney, 253 cafés for sale in Brisbane, 89 café and coffee shops for sale in Others, 82 coffee shops for sale in State Wide , 73 cafe & coffee shops for sale in Gold Coast, 59 coffee shops for sale in Perth, 59 coffee shops for sale in Berwick, 48 cafes for sale in Docklands, 47 café listings for sale in Richmond and many more.

Popular locations in Australia are Melbourne having 1126 Business listings, Sydney with 941 Business opportunities, Brisbane having 772 listings for sale, Gold Coast having 373 opportunities, Perth having 348 opportunities, Adelaide with 206 opportunities, Southport having 160 opportunities, Surfers Paradise having 144 listings for sale, Abbotsbury having 112 Businesses for sale, Sunshine Coast with 99 Businesses for sale and much more.

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