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The Australian Capital Territory or ACT is positioned in the south-east part of the country which is entirely surrounded by New South Wales. Canberra is a part of the ACT and also the national capital. Most of the commercial activities take place around Canberra which has seen a steady rise in its population over the past few decades. It has become a commercial powerhouse and was ranked as the second best economic region in the country. The national capital offers a peek into the rich heritage of the region and its vibrant culture. Speckled with parklands and greenery, the place is home to a vast number of people who have moved here from other states to build a career in political, media and government based professions. Many have started their own ventures or invested in business opportunities in Canberra.

You can find some of the best galleries and museums here and the food experience is absolutely divine. The local markets, gourmet food and adventure sports and popular festivals make it a must-visit place in the country. It has a thriving job market and a busy trade centre and has the best new housing construction plans. The disposal income of the residing population is considerably better than other states, which makes it an important centre for businesses being launched and sold. From multi-nationals to micro businesses, all kinds of organisations are flourishing in the ACT. A lot of Cafe for sale in Canberra proves that every business is booming in this region.

Canberra has been topping the growth charts across Australia. With the recent policy initiatives announced by the Government, things are looking positive. The population has seen a steady rise in the past few years as Canberra is being viewed as a world-class city. It was designated as the most liveable city in 2014 by the OECD. All of these advancements have led to the growth of employment opportunities in a variety of sectors ranging from healthcare and tourism to education and professional services. The space technology sector has also experienced a boom in the past few years. Additionally, it is now being considered an education hub as more and more students are moving here for higher education. The future seems promising for trade and commerce and this is the reason why many investors are looking to acquire a franchise for sale in Canberra to strengthen their foothold in the market. You too can look for such lucrative opportunities by browsing through our site.

We have 42 businesses for sale and franchise opportunities in ACT listed on our site. These businesses are listed under numerous categories including 12 Cafe And Coffee Shop, 4 Restaurants, 4 Practice, Health Care And Medical Business For Sale, 3 Cleaning Business, 3 Franchise, 2 Home Based Business, 2 Hairdressing Business, 1 Food Related Businesses, 1 Mobile Service Business, 1 Bars For Sale and many more.

The most popular locations in the state are 94 business opportunity in Canberra, 8 Business listings in Belconnen, Greenway, Banks, Fyshwick, Woden, Phillip, Hume, Amaroo, Wanniassa and so on.

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