Automotive Business For Sale Australia

The automotive industry is one of the diversified sectors in Australia with annual revenue of $165 billion during 2017-18. It’s been one of the fastest developing sectors which circulate significant revenue of the country‘s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This is the reason, a high rise in demand for automotive business for sale in Australia has been observed. The sector has been devised by merging smaller industries, mechanical repair businesses, renowned car manufacturing firms, automotive workshops, etc.

There is no doubt that Australia is best known for the production and design of large-sized passenger vehicles, but the consumer preferences have drifted from locally manufactured cares to imported cars. That’s the reason why the industry revenue has declined by 0.5 % over the five years but it has not affected the prospects of buying an automotive business for sale in Australia.

Despite the decline in the industry, there are around 271,885 employment opportunities and over 52, 000 businesses in the Automotive Sector. With the increasing demand for new cars, the automotive retail, wholesale and service industries are expected to grow in the coming years. There will be more repairing businesses, automotive parts related firms in the hotspots of Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and other major regions of Australia. This reflects a bright future for those who are looking for a reliable and profitable business for sale in Australia. This is the perfect time for small entrepreneurs to try their luck in this growing industry and grab the perfect opportunity to buy a profitable automotive business for sale in Australia.

The increasing sales of new and luxury cars have encouraged motor vehicle dealers, wholesalers and service agents to generate more sales and ROI by providing quality services to potential clients across Australia. Many aspiring investors and business owners are even buying renowned franchise models to get the most out of their investment in a short time span. Since most of the companies in the automotive sector are small and medium-sized ones, one can easily get an opportunity to own an automotive business for sale of their choice quickly and easily.

While people are buying a restaurant for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and other leading regions, many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for automotive repair, spare parts, and other automotive related businesses to reach their defined business goals with low over costs.

With the constant sale of new cars such as Toyota, Hyundai, Ford and other renowned brands, it has become super easy for people to find relevant business opportunities in Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Newcastle, Hunter and other commercially viable regions in Australia. If you have the potential to take an existing business to the new heights of success, then this is the right place for you. You can browse through our business listings to find an ideal business opportunity.

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Popular locations in Australia are 1096 business opportunity in Melbourne, 877 Business listings in Sydney, 746 in Brisbane, 364 business opportunity in Gold Coast, 331 in Perth, 192 business listings for Adelaide, 162 for Southport, 142 in Surfers Paradise, 97 business opportunity in Abbotsbury, 96 Business listings in Sunshine Coast, etc.

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