10 Essential Business Etiquette To Increase Your Success

Entrepreneurship and etiquettes go hand in hand. An ill-mannered or insolent person cannot become a successful leader as he/she will never be liked...

  • 10 Essential Business Etiquette To Increase Your Success
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    10 Essential Business Etiquette To Increase Your Success

    • Updated: Tuesday 9th of February 2021
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    Entrepreneurship and etiquettes go hand in hand. An ill-mannered or insolent person cannot become a successful leader as he/she will never be liked, respected, and followed by his subordinates. Workplace ethics and etiquettes are the building blocks of a productive organisation. Thus, every business owner must maintain the required decorum and follow the protocols to ensure efficiency and efficacy.

    If you are planning to purchase a business for sale in Brisbane, take a look at the list mentioned below to master business etiquettes. It will help you develop the right demeanour and behaviour expected from an entrepreneur in a flourishing organisation.

    1. Excellent Communication Skills

    The leader is the motivator and the frontrunner and thus needs to be an excellent speaker. The entrepreneur must be accessible and sociable and have the knack of building stable relationships with potential clients. You must have the much-needed negotiation skills that can help you crack significant deals with suppliers and associates. Pitching your business to investors is yet another significant aspect of business development, which needs outstanding communication skills. Be clear and concise while talking and prepare for the meeting. Keep your phone on silent mode while discussing something important with team members or clients to display your dedication and professionalism.

    2. Positive Body Language

    Your gestures, posture and non-verbal communication can make a huge impact on the listeners and people associated with the organisation. So, make sure that you come across as an active and agile person who is attentive during every discussion.Sit in an upright manner while making eye contact with the audience. Slouching, fidgeting, looking away are all signs of boredom and disinterest. You should use your hands if you are making a presentation or want to grab the attention of the employees.

    However, do not go overboard with your gestures and expressions. Use subtle signs to showcase confidence and conviction.

    3. Put Thought into Your Work Wear

    It is a given that your clothes should be ironed and well-fitted. A collared shirt with a suit or a pencil skirt is an ideal choice for professionals who mean business. Accessorise with a smartwatch and classy shoes that go with the formal outfit. The jewellery must be minimal as bling is a big no-no for smart professionals. Choose the colours carefully and if you have a day-long meeting or conference, then wear something comfortable. Try cool and soothing colours during summers and warm shades during winters.

    4. Be Punctual

    As the owner of the company, you may feel that you have the liberty to arrive at your convenient time. However, it can disrupt the schedule of the employees and set a wrong precedent. Arriving late depicts that you are disrespectful of other’s time. Thus, make sure that you too follow the schedule like your employees and do not miss your appointments. Your dedication towards your work is best displayed by reaching office on time and respecting other’s time. It ensures that you do not delay projects and meetings because of your attitude.

    5. Be Flexible

    Do not be rigid with your plans as you must be considerate of the needs and desires of others. You must be ready to accommodate the genuine needs of your employees. For instance, you can offer work from home to single parents or push meetings for someone travelling from a far-off location. Also, flexibility is needed to work in a team cohesively. You should be ready to listen to new views and opinions that are offered during meetings and brainstorming sessions. Since leveraging technology is one of the best ways to make your business succeed in 2021, becoming adaptable is the right way to move ahead.

    6. Ask for Feedback

    Two-way communication is a must to engage in effective discussions that lead to fruitful results. Sometimes, leaders become complacent and self-absorbed and do not hear the voice and opinions of others. It can make them feel disrespected and unappreciated. To make sure that you are not making anyone uncomfortable, you must ask for feedback about yourself, your working mechanism, work culture and the organisational behaviour. It will give you an insight into what is missing and what needs to be eliminated to build a harmonious and collaborative structure.

    7. Make Your Presence Felt

    It is quite obvious that the entrepreneur is the busiest person in the organisation and has to deal with a pile of workload every day. However, you cannot ignore your co-workers. They should be able to see you around and feel that you are available for help whenever required. Do not isolate yourself or sit on a pedestal which will make you unapproachable. Meet your team members every morning to understand their problems and offer solutions. Conduct town hall meetings every month and speak to your employees one-on-one as often as possible.

    8. Appreciate the Effort of Others

    Whether it is a recently hired rookie or a seasoned manager, you must be appreciative of their work. Be kind while conversing with the junior-most people as well as your partners. Always use words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to show that you are fully aware of their struggles and value their contribution to the organisation's growth. Respect every employee as they are supporting the business with their endeavours, skills, and knowledge in some way. It will also help you build a strong team which will stick around for a longer time.

    9. Do Not Backbite

    Office gossip is inevitable, but as the owner of the organisation, you must refrain from all such talks that involve talking behind someone’s back. It creates a malicious and untrustworthy environment in the company and reduces your credibility as the one who can take the business forward with his positive attitude and dependability. If you get to know any rumours, then you must try to quash them responsibly so that it does not hurt anyone’s feelings. As the entrepreneur, you can steer the discussions into a positive direction rather than getting involved in criticism of others.

    10. Table Manners

    You may think those table manners are to be displayed at social gatherings. However, they are equally significant when you are dining with your colleagues, business partners, clients, suppliers, etc. If you are the host, then you need to pay the bill. Do not make a choice for others when ordering food and let them decide. Maintain your calm and composure and do not get drunk in front of the employees. Do not be aloof, mingle with everyone and do not talk about work if it is a celebration party. Let everyone enjoy and become a part of the conversation.


    Entrepreneurs have the responsibility of steering the company on the path of success, and this can be achieved through discipline and determination. Thus, if you are planning to purchase a business for sale in Brisbane, then you must keep the points mentioned above in mind to accomplish your goals.

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