10 Low-Cost Business Ideas with High-Profit Potential

Working on your own terms without being ordered around is what every ambitious individual wants. However, most people do not dare to become an entr...

  • 10 Low-Cost Business Ideas with High-Profit Potential
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    10 Low-Cost Business Ideas with High-Profit Potential

    • Updated: Thursday 26th of November 2020
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    Working on your own terms without being ordered around is what every ambitious individual wants. However, most people do not dare to become an entrepreneur because they are concerned about the expenditure related to the endeavour. The cost of setting up a business from the ground up can be financially, mentally, and physically draining. The location, infrastructure, stock, recruitment, fixtures, software, everything adds to the cost of starting a business. This is the reason why smart workers skip all this effort by opting for existing businesses for sales in Australia.

    If you think you do not have enough funding to buy a thriving venture, then you can choose to invest in a low-cost business which has high-profit potential. There are dozens of such small companies which are primed for growth, and their products are in high demand. So here is a list of the top ten affordable business ideas which will bring high returns effortlessly.

    1. Aged Care Business

    Australia has an ageing population. In 2017, the percentage of people above 65 years was 3.8 million in the country, and it will rise further in the coming years. These older people need assistance with their daily chores. Besides the old aged, there are people with disabilities who also need the support of caregivers to tend to their needs.

    Thus, the aged care industry is in high demand at present, and the business has minimal overheads. The opportunity promises a great earning potential as various seniors live alone or suffer from mobility problems. If you would like to own this business, then you can choose from one of the low-cost listings mentioned below.


    2. Cleaning Business

    There has never been more emphasis on cleaning than it is at present. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary to keep homes and offices clean and sanitised at all times. However, a huge population of senior and time-poor professionals are unable to keep up with the required cleaning tasks.

    Thus, cleaning professionals are in high demand in urban areas, and this has catapulted the industry on to the path of growth. Similarly, commercial structures also need regular cleaning as well as end of lease cleaning, which is optimally handled by the cleaners. The business needs minimal investment and can generate a sound income. So here is a link with all the opportunities in the country.


    3. Online Business

    The pandemic has affected several businesses and the social distancing norms have reduced the number of customers visiting retail shops in the country. However, online sales have gone up due to the current circumstances and the changed consumer behaviour will continue post the pandemic as well. Several retail businesses have prepped up to move online to meet the needs of the customers.

    Thus, buying an ecommerce business is a highly profitable proposition which will bring huge profits in the future. Also, it does not require much spending on the set-up. Here are all the listings in this category.


    4. Food Business

    Food is one thing that always attracts customers. Whether you plan to run a food truck or acquire a small café or takeaway, food business always offers a rewarding return on investment. The good thing is that it can be bought at a bargain price too if you are not planning to own a fancy or high-end restaurant. There are several food trucks which have excellent weekly takings and various small coffee shops which have gained iconic status. If you wish to become a part of this industry, then take a look at the options listed below.


    5. Mobile Services

    Businesses which are not dependent on a physical store or brick and mortar shop are becoming quite popular. The best part about these ventures is that they are highly affordable and can be operated from anywhere. Thus, you can purchase the mobile business and then trade from anywhere you want. It also extends the flexibility of choosing your work hours. However, you must make sure that you are buying a healthy business. A plethora of services can be provided through a mobile business, such as car detailing, cleaning, pool maintenance, etc. Here are all the opportunities for you.


    6. Franchise Business

    Owning a franchise is a lucrative proposition as you get to become your own boss without making any effort in setting up the business. An existing franchise is even better as it comes with a significant customer base. You get the benefit of training and ongoing support from the head office and marketing assistance which reduces the cost of running the business. There are various low-cost franchise opportunities in Australia which can take your career to the next level. So, take a look at the latest listings to make your pick.


    7. Beauty Business

    Beauty is one of the prominent businesses which generates a high income due to the high demand. The beauty and personal care industry is worth millions of dollars and will continue its winning streak. From hairdressing to beauty treatments, there are a variety of revenue streams for this kind of business. It does not require a huge investment in stock or manufacturing and is a service-based business which only needs a shop and trained staff to start earning. So here is a list of the best opportunities in the segment to make your pick.


    8. Home Based Business

    In the wake of recent events, home-based businesses have started blooming in all corners of the country. Various entrepreneurs are opting for this opportunity to enjoy the perfect work-life balance. Such businesses can be easily operated from your home office so that you can spend more time with your family. These are quite popular among single parents and those who need a passive income. If you too are looking for a similar opportunity, then take a look at the listings on the link given below.


    9. Automotive Business

    Automotive enthusiasts may jump up with joy to find business opportunities in this sector. Most people believe that it will be too costly to enter this segment. However, there are various offers in the market that will fit right in your budget. From car broking to car detailing and auto repair workshops, you can find a variety of options to suit your needs. So, take a look at all the affordable business listings in the industry mentioned on the link given below.


    10. Retail Business

    Owning a shop in a busy location is a money-spinning opportunity which can be leveraged by a passionate buyer. If closing deals is your strong point, then you can acquire your own retail business that will make you the boss. These businesses are always in high demand and are affordable to purchase. From convenience stores to footwear shops and clothing stores, you can acquire anything within your budget. So, check out the latest opportunities on the link provided below.



    Becoming an entrepreneur is a fantastic proposition for those who plan to do something of their own. Thus, if you are planning to purchase a business for sale in Australia, then take a look at the options given above as these low-cost opportunities come with high-profit potential.

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