5 Essential Steps to a Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset

Be it baby steps or giant leaps, seeking out a journey to success begins with acknowledging the importance of an active, healthy mindset—one...

  • 5 Essential Steps to a Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset
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    5 Essential Steps to a Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Be it baby steps or giant leaps, seeking out a journey to success begins with acknowledging the importance of an active, healthy mindset—one that’s able to solve problems, work around hurdles and obtain a positive sense of achievement when even the tiniest of goals are fulfilled. This is the ideal mind of a hardworking, prosperous and healthy leader who knows the limits, boundaries and restrictions, and then goes about reinventing them ethically.

    As humans, we’re born with a unique set of abilities and specialties, as well as a pool of personality traits, desires and emotions. Mixed with ambition, these little factors of what make us who we are ultimately determines exactly what we’ve got to share with the world. For those of us who are born to be business leaders and genuine entrepreneurs, those personas are the key to how we choose to kick goals, exceed expectations and make an everlasting impression on the industry.

    The exact element that decreases how much we achieve as entrepreneurs is having the wrong mindset and attitude towards knowing what we want to do in our journeys. It’s our way of thinking that is able to stop us in our tracks, or have us fighting to go one better than we did yesterday. Each little step you take towards obtaining greatness starts in your head.

    Know what it is you’re wanting to fulfil

    Successful people have a knack for giving their lives the TLC that’s required to nurture and grow opportunities. More than the average person, these people know exactly how to analyse the kinds of situations they’re dealing with, and are able to observe their vision, purpose and motives. They’re good at putting it all down on paper and constructing mental images that will help them progress through each step of their overall journey; they’re thinkers, doers and game-changers.

    At the end of the day, knowing the specifics of what you want to achieve and how you’re planning on achieving them is the be all and end all. Wanting to run the world, wanting to reach the very top – it’s not enough. What do you want to run in the world? How do you plan on reaching the top? These are the factors that really matter.

    Cherish your time and know how to manage it

    An entrepreneur is a timekeeper. They’re the ones that sit on the train on their way to work and scribble away in the diaries, or tap away on their iPads. They’re the ones making countless phone calls before and after hours to ensure things are setup for success for the next day. The absolute most valuable asset in your life is your time. Time means opportunity. Time means money. Time means growth. Protect it with your life and give careful thought to how you plan to allocate it to your tasks each and every day.

    Strive to obtain an outcome

    No matter what you’re doing with your workday, have a plan to establish an outcome and gain results by the close of business. For all those roadblocks in your way, chip away at them one-by-one to ensure you’ve managed to make progress. In between these tasks, endeavour to get a reaction, make an impression or extend your networks just by sharing positivity with those you encounter. If you’re grabbing that skinny latte before work, make conversation with the barista. They may turn out to be someone seeking services or products that happen to be your speciality – that’s another person to add to your bank of contacts (and an outcome). If you’re off to a meeting with a client, aim to impress them by exceeding their expectations. They already know what you plan – or are capable of – doing for them, but how can you deliver an element of surprise that they’re not likely to forget? These are the little things that give you a result at the end of your day. By the close of business on a Friday, you can head into the weekend with a collection of progress points that you didn’t start out with at the dawn of the week.

    Aim to share value with the world

    Those that consistently talk about new business concepts like franchising opportunities and how to reinvent the wheel sometimes lack one critical motive: the desire to contribute value to the world around them. Thankfully, many don’t do it all for themselves. They’ve got a goal in mind that is designed to help someone in some way. From the moment they hit the coffee machine at the beginning of the day, to the moment they top up their glass with some pinot at the dinner table, successful entrepreneurs aim to succeed by making themselves more valuable through knowledge, skills and insights.

    Mind over matter

    Actions speak louder than words, true, but no action is carried out effectively without a little bit of thought behind it. Pulling all of the aspects listed above together will help you develop a better insight into how leaders think, but knowing how to apply these concepts starts with being able to “renew” or “redesign” your mind. Take time to think about each of these factors individually, and envision yourself actioning them in your everyday lifestyle. Top them off with determination and focus – you’ll quickly be awakened to a wealth of opportunity you weren’t quite open to before you took aim.

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