How to Successfully Move Your Business Online

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus and the ensuing financial and health crisis was a wake-up call for many self-satisfied entrepreneurs. With b...

  • How to Successfully Move Your Business Online
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    How to Successfully Move Your Business Online

    • Updated: Tuesday 5th of January 2021
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    The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus and the ensuing financial and health crisis was a wake-up call for many self-satisfied entrepreneurs. With businesses struggling to make ends meet due to the lockdown and social distancing restrictions, it has become more significant than ever to take your business online. The e-commerce industry in Australia has grown by 17.3% in the past five years, and the pandemic has ensured that it will witness a further boom. According to the latest reports, 7.6 million households in the country are now shopping online, which has improved the prospects of the sector. It is the perfect time to go digital and keep pace with the changing times.

    Thus, if you own a company or are planning to purchase a business for sale in Australia, then you should be aware of the ways of making a quick move to the digital platform. It will not only help you survive the pandemic but also give you the advantage of capturing a vast market which is growing at breakneck speed. So here is how you can dot it with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

    Create A Prominent Digital Presence

    Adding a product catalogue to your existing website may not be the right way to attract buyers. You will have to get an e-commerce website which displays your products in all their magnificence and offers all the product details, features and descriptions. However, you must keep the budget in mind before going ahead. If you think you do not have the resources due to the financial crisis brought about by the pandemic, you can always rely upon selling from the bigger platforms like Amazon and eBay. It can be a phenomenally successful way for small businesses to find new customers without spending too much on digital promotions and a website revamp.

    You can also leverage the DIY platforms to create an e-commerce site that can be customised easily. You must fill the templates with attractive pictures and relevant content to make people buy from it.

    Set Up A Secure Payment Gateway

    For the customers to start buying, you need to set up the option for accepting card payments in compliance with PCI Security Standards. Many people are sceptical about making online transactions so you must offer them multiple channels to make a choice. Most popular websites offer a variety of payment options, and you must follow suit to be identified as a trusted seller. You can integrate several payment options in your website, including paying with the credit card, online banking, Apple Pay, GooglePay, etc.

    You will have to create a bank account that will get the payments processed and accept card payments. You will also have to instantly generate the invoices and send them to the customers via email and a hard copy along with the delivery of products. The payment page should also have a refund process in place, which will put the payment back in the customer’s account if requested.

    Online Advertising

    As you gradually begin working online along with your brick-and-mortar store, you realise the need for advertising online. It helps in targeted messaging and gets the top spot in the search engine results page. Marketing the brand efficiently is one of the strategies to make an e-commerce business thrive. The shopping ads include the picture and the price, which are highly beneficial in grabbing the attention of the high-intent users. They aid in driving traffic to the site and promoting discount offers.

    You can also opt for retargeting with display ads, which show the ads to the users who have seen the product but have not made the purchase because they need more time to think about the offer. Retargeting helps them to recall their search and makes them go for the final action.

    EstablishA Roaring Social Media Presence

    Social media is the most cost-effective channel to reach your customers without spending heavily on marketing. You will have to create brand pages on the social media networks which are used by your target audience. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, you should put the link of your site in most of your posts so that you can generate traffic for your website.

    You can also leverage influencers to reach to a wider audience without spending on advertising. They can push your products through effective word of mouth publicity and help in connecting with widespread markets. Make attractive images and posts for the pages that bring customers to the site. You can start a blog post and share its link on your social media pages or create a discount offer landing page and announce it on the channels.

    Utilise Search Engine Optimisation to Stay on Top

    Optimisation of the e-commerce site is essential to improve its search engine rankings. It allows your target audience to quickly find you online when they are looking for the products on the biggest search engine, Google. If the site is not optimised, it will not appear in the top results page and the competitors will acquire the customer. It does not involve high expenditure like advertising online, and the consumers are able to find you organically, which improves their trust in the site.

    Also, the results of search engine optimisation last for a long time, unlike an ad which has a limited duration. Another advantage of using SEO is that you can analyse the performance of your site by understanding how many customers visited the site, how many made an actual purchase, what is the bounce rate, which landing page is not performing well, which products are selling more, etc. It will help you in making informed decisions about the changes required in the marketing and business strategy.

    Utilise Email Marketing

    Email marketing pays if you use it smartly without spamming the customers. Your business email account can be leveraged to send out controlled communication to the leads, potential buyers and loyal clients. It helps you to reach out to them quickly when you have to make an announcement or when you are coming up with an offer. With Australians being glued to their smartphones, reading of emails has become more pronounced.

    It is also one of the most inexpensive ways of reaching a wide customer base which is interested in buying your products. So, nothing is going to waste. It is helpful in maintaining relationships and loyalty programs, as well. Thus, you must keep adding new email addresses to the list and sending relevant messages to your buyers.


    The process of going online has simplified over the years, with several DIY tools available on the web. Thus, if you have recently acquired a business for sale in Australia, you should think about creating a digital presence to stay ahead of the competition and in sync with the current trends.

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