7 Low Key, Highly Profitable Businesses to Own in Australia

Thinking to start something of your own? However, don’t have enough capital or experience to launch a venture? Well, it is not the end of the...

  • 7 Low Key, Highly Profitable Businesses to Own in Australia
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    7 Low Key, Highly Profitable Businesses to Own in Australia

    • Friday 26th of April 2019
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    Thinking to start something of your own? However, don’t have enough capital or experience to launch a venture? Well, it is not the end of the road. The foundation of a robust organisation lies in a strong willed owner who leads the enterprise through every challenge. Owning a business is not a distant dream anymore. There are several low key opportunities available in the market, which have yielded an excellent output.

    Success in business needs grit and hard work, and the rest can be acquired through the purchase of a business for sale in Australia. Purchasing an established company allows you to bank upon the foundation laid down by the outgoing owner. If you don’t want to make a big investment in the purchase deal, you can always look for the low investment options. The market is flooded with many small businesses which do not require experience and a high amount of investment. Here is a list of seven of the best opportunities available right now.

    1. Catering Business

    If you have a passion for cooking or love experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen, then it is time to put your skills to best use. Become a caterer and enjoy the thriving hospitality entrepreneurship segment. Establishing your name in the crowded market and gaining clients may be the only obstacle in your path to success. You can easily overcome this hurdle by purchasing a catering business which is popular and boasts of an extensive database of customers.

    The industry has been performing exceptionally well and has yielded $8 billion in revenue. You can take orders for various corporate events, family gatherings, small functions, birthdays etc. Pick a venture which fits into your capacity as an owner/operator. Once you start making profit, you can hire a team and reap the returns. Check out some amazing listings right here.


    2. Online Business

    The ecommerce industry has grown from strength to strength in the last decade in the country. The revenue generated from the industry was calculated close to $24 billion in 2018-19. The user penetration in the country touched 80.8% in 2019 and will soar to 89.2% by 2023. A sound infrastructure and flourishing economy have further catapulted the rise of the sector. High internet usage and dependency on Smartphones have made people switch to this convenient form of shopping which allows them to purchase items while sitting at home.

    As an owner, running an ecommerce business is very cheap as there are very low overheads. You can even operate from your house. With an established online business, you don’t have to run from pillar to post to find a designer, write content, or find developers. Everything will be provided to you and you can start trading from day one. So take a look at the opportunities on the link given below and get going.


    3. Commercial Cleaning Business

    Cleaning may not seem like a promising opportunity at first sight, but it has shown terrific development in the past few years. More and more residential and commercial properties are hiring these service providers to get their spaces cleaned immaculately. Bond cleaning and carpet cleaning have become the big gainers in the segment of services provided by these companies. The industry generated takings of $12 billion in 2018-19. The sector is estimated to grow at 4.1% annually. It is easy to run a well-set up business as it comes with its own set of long-term client contracts. If you are looking for such a thriving opportunity, then explore the listings available on the link below.


    4. Accounting Business

    Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping are the essential aspects of financial management and are a pre-requisite for every business. Accounting services are always in high demand. If you have an experience in the industry or are a qualified accountant, then you can become an entrepreneur with least investment. Purchase an accounting consultancy and start servicing the clients already acquired by the existing business. You can utilise the latest technology to work remotely from your office while providing services anywhere in the world. With a recognised brand name, it will not be difficult to find new clients and you can reach new heights in no time. To find the best opportunities in the segment, click on the link given below.


    5. Removalists Business

    The Australian real estate has been generating positive results for a long time now. The house prices may be coming down in Sydney and Melbourne. However, the suburbs are showing an upward trend. The demand for houses and office spaces has been growing and will continue the same pattern as the population rises and the number of jobs keep growing.

    Thus a lot of relocation takes place in the country with the worth of the industry now touching $2 billion. The competitive and high revenue generating business is an excellent opportunity which comes with low overheads. You can pick a venture as per your suitability from the listings available on the link below.


    6. Home-Based Business

    The internet and advancing information technology have made it possible to run home-based businesses which are quite affordable. A massive number of small businesses have sprung up in the last few years that can be easily operated from home without having to spend on the office space, equipment, storage, etc. For instance, an e-commerce shop selling products that get delivered directly from the warehouse to the customer does not need an office or many employees.

    It can be comfortably operated by the owner from home with a broadband connection and laptop. Many single parents and retired people have taken up such ventures to earn side income or enjoy the perfect work-life balance. According to statistics, one million people in Australia own a home-based business. If you want to purchase any of these low-investment enterprises, then click on the link below.


    ​7. Ice Cream Parlour Business

    Ice cream manufacturing businesses have always been performing well in the country. A variety of players are coming into the market with niche products in healthy categories which have become highly popular. The industry generated $1 billion in revenue in 2018-19. Additionally, the premium segment of the sector has been gaining attention with its unique flavours and innovative marketing ideas. It is a booming business and if you wish to make it your own, click on the link below for some amazing offers.



    Owning a business is within your reach now as many low-risk and cost-effective companies have become operational in the nation. With the availability of various businesses for sale in Australia, it has become absolutely easy to find a venture of your choice and start trading from day one.

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