4 Powerful Ways to Thank Your Staff and Clients

In the world of business, keeping customers satisfied and retaining them is vital for perpetual success as the relationship between employees, cust...

  • 4 Powerful Ways to Thank Your Staff and Clients
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    4 Powerful Ways to Thank Your Staff and Clients

    In the world of business, keeping customers satisfied and retaining them is vital for perpetual success as the relationship between employees, customers, and business success is indispensable. Employees are considered as the most crucial asset of today’s organisations. The employees and clients personify the vision, culture and heart of your organisation. There is no point in thinking twice about exhibiting gratitude to the people who have been working hard for your business and have contributed towards it. In today’s busy world people are so stressed and engulfed in their work and lives that they often forget to acknowledge those people who added value to their lives and helped them get to where they are today.
    Employee acknowledgement is one of those notions that many business people scorn but what noteworthy here is that the right praise at the right time can be critical for holding on to great employees and sustain an optimistic and positive work atmosphere. Recognition and appreciation are two words that are synonyms for better performance of your employees and consequently success of your business. If you want your staff to maintain the positive attitude throughout, you have to make them feel passably valued and rewarded. It is a well-known fact that people when looking for Business for Sale, prefer for the establishments that have a satisfied employee and customer base.
    Many studies over the time have proved that the employees and clients who remain unmotivated become lazy, produces poorer performance and decreases revenue for the organisation, which shows the significance of recognising your employees’ efforts and hard work persistently. Hence, an occasional appreciation or a small thank you can do wonders for your team and your business.
    There is no fixed time or occasion for showing appreciation for your people. It should be a regular practice at your organisation. It will make your employees and clients realise that they are being watched and their extra efforts are not futile. We have often heard that small things make significant differences; similar is the case with businesses. Few regular gestures also open all the lines of communication within your organisation and will perk up your company culture.

    Try these 4 powerful ways to find meaningful methods to thank your staff and clients for helping you grow your business and show how much you appreciate them:

    1. Say thanks

    Latest researches have revealed that expressing gratitude and appreciation not only lifts the mood of the recipient and the presenter, but it automatically improves the revenue of the business.
    A note of thanks- In today’s digital world, where everyone communicates mostly digitally, receiving a thoughtful hand-written note gives the feeling of being special. It indicates that you do notice everyone and this will be a genuine gesture that your employees will be grateful for. It exhibits concern and professionalism and will set you apart from most businesspeople.
    Studies have found that you and your business will accomplish more if your team receives regular gratitude. Unfortunately, not all business people think of this or even practice gratitude. Checking with the level of satisfaction of your clients and employees and thanking them for their business should be part of your routine. Knowing each employee or client that works for your organisation can help you with finding better ways to praise their valuable efforts.
    You can send a thank you mail to your clients and customers, in which you can list every single person of your organisation and explain why every individual is unique to you and your company. You can add a touch of humour also, but all together make it heartfelt. Thank you cards are very effective, especially when you have string of regional offices operated by franchisees and when they are coming from the boss. Sometimes doing simple things also can be very useful. This traditional method will never go out of style and still makes an enormous impact. It's a small gesture that says so much. It also gives a personal touch as it involves time and effort which makes it unique.

    2. Stage appreciation ceremonies/ events

    Stage appreciation ceremonies are a great way to show how much you value the work and efforts of your team.
    Invite your clients to a ceremony/event- You can also organise small award ceremonies for your team. You can award them as per their work achievements. You can also invite your clients to such events and give awards to them. You can plan it on a yearly basis as the end of the year is usually the time to reward, celebrations, holidays etc. or even every six months, the way you want it.
    This will be a great way to make your bond stronger with your team, and you can spend time which will allow you to know more about your clients and employees in a different setting. It also gives everyone an opportunity to network and learn more.
    You can award your team with incentives. It will motivate them and encourage them to do better and achieve more and more.
    Saying thank you with a party or a huge get together will be great for your employees as it will celebrate your people and your organisation.
    Having parties is one great way to connect with your team and express gratitude. You can host parties throughout the year on different occasions. One great thing you can do here is to invite the spouses and children of your clients and employees; this will make them realise that you do care not only about them but their respective families as well for their contribution to your organisation.

    3. Plan an excursion

    Everyone likes a day off occasionally. Organising a day off for your team will make them so much happier. It cannot be necessarily an expedition as you can take your staff on one day trip also, something like taking them to a holiday shopping trip to the most exclusive shopping centre. Going out with the whole team for a day for shopping and eating can be fun, and that’s what people exactly want.
    Dining out-You can take your team out for lunch or dinner. Sharing a meal together allows people to relax and connect in an informal and casual setting.
    Trip- If you have met the current targets, you can also plan a weekend trip for your staff. You can take them to any of the nearby holidaying places. This will give your team good refreshment, and they will feel great with an organised day out of town.
    Your clients are the people who work hard in growing your business and getting recognised from the company they work for will make them feel much appreciated. You can reward fully paid trips for your clients to some good holiday destinations.
    Successful businesses keep giving such outings to their employees and clients’ which not only makes them feel valuable assets of the company but also gives them insight into company’s methodology and culture. This is a simple gesture of saying thanks and let your people know that you value them.

    4. A small token of appreciation

    Giving your employees a token of appreciation may cost you a few dollars, but it’s worth the investment. It can be anything from a gift card to movie passes etc. Everyone enjoys getting a gift; however, if you decide on giving a gift, then go beyond ordinary and think of something surprising. Try to get to know your employees, know some of their hobbies and interests. They will be touched to see that you are interested in their lives as well and not just work.
    Get some excellent ideas here: laptop case, coffee mugs, wine bottle or glasses, beer glasses, notebook/diaries, briefcases, a gift basket etc.
    Give Mini-Gifts:
    Printed T-Shirts- Printed t-shirts are loved by everyone, they are funky and at the same time adorable. The best part is that you can add longer messages and even promote your logo on such t-shirts. It will let your employees recognise that you understand the personality of each member.
    It will serve dual proposes as making someone happy and will help in promoting you as a caring and fun business.
    Designed Notebooks- You can add your clients’ monogram or initials to a notebook or a diary. A lot of businesses give out dairies to their customers and employees as this is elegant as well as professional.
    Great books- Books are always the best gift to give someone. You can include your personal choices here like the books that may have influenced you. Also, when you give a book as a gift to your clients or employees, attach a personal note along with it.

    The above-shared ideas are simple yet very effective for you to reflect on each member of your organisation and also evaluate how you can build valuable relationships.
    It doesn’t take a lot to say thank you and make someone feel special who has done something for you and your organisation. All you need to do is just show them that their efforts are not in vain and their hard work is paying off. These gestures will make them feel genuinely appreciated. It will help in building your team stronger, and they will continue to add value at every step of the way.

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