Top 10 Best Business Movies – Must Watch Motivational Films

Movies transport us into a world of fantasy that conjures up a larger-than-life world where everything is possible, and imagination knows no bounds...

  • Top 10 Best Business Movies – Must Watch Motivational Films
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    Top 10 Best Business Movies – Must Watch Motivational Films

    Movies transport us into a world of fantasy that conjures up a larger-than-life world where everything is possible, and imagination knows no bounds. From iconic classics and candy floss romantic comedies to mindboggling crime thrillers, there are tons to watch and enjoy every day. Under the heaps of these entertaining potboilers, there are certain hidden gems which often take us by surprise. Sometimes they motivate us to push our limits or reach for the stars, and at others, they bring us face to face with grim realities of life. Such biographies or fictional dramas are a source of inspiration for many and can play a significant role in reshaping the dreams of an aspiring entrepreneur.

    Yes, you read that right! Hollywood has dished out several motivational motion pictures that have not only set the box office on fire but pumped many business-minded people with the burning desire to take the road less travelled. Besides charging you up, the movies based on the rise and fall of business empires or the initial days of struggles of a tycoon are a great learning experience for individuals. So if you have been thinking of launching a start-up or buying a business for sale in Australia, you can benefit from learning a few tricks of the trade from these ten best business movies.

    1. American Experience Silicon Valley

    Before the dawn of the internet, there was a powerful revolution brewing in Northern California which made it the hub of technological innovations. The Silicon Valley is a documentary on the rise of eight men who quit their jobs and followed their dream to set up an empire now known as the Silicon Valley. It is a take on how the modern-day entrepreneurial culture was established in the 1950s where creativity and zeal to excel superseded corporate loyalty. It beautifully conveys that for a company to become successful, it needs a balance of creativity, talent, innovation, and business acumen.

    2. The Social Network

    The rise of Mark Zuckerberg, American technology entrepreneur and CEO of the popular social networking site Facebook, is not a mystery for anyone. However, the foundation and the eventual success of the revolutionary site created in the dorm room of Harvard University by a shy student was a story untold. It is a perfect example of how an entrepreneur can make an idea work by showing resilience and picking the right opportunities without succumbing to social pressure. Though the movie was fictionalised in some parts, it presented the challenges faced by the co-founders in the most profound way.

    3. Glenngarry Glen Ross

    Sales and pitching is the most vital element of business succession and this classic movie starring fine actors like Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey is a treat for all cinema lovers and budding entrepreneurs. Based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play, the film delves on the conniving nature of shrewd salesman who would go to any lengths for success. It is a brutal depiction of the real-time manipulations and betrayals that take place in the corporate offices. It provides deep insights into sales methodologies, customer relationship management, and negotiating deals.

    4. American Experience Henry Ford

    Here is a documentary which prepares you for the life and key attributes of an entrepreneur by depicting the challenged faced during a struggle between the labour and the management. It is based on the life of the iconic innovator Henry Ford who rose to become the most influential businessman in American history while hailing from an insignificant background. It brings his beliefs and ideologies to the forefront and how he completely radicalised the way Americans lived and worked through his automobile empire which is going strong till date.

    5. Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

    Besides inspiration, it is quite essential to know how corruption can lead to the fall of the most celebrated businesses. This documentary is an immersive insight into what was cooking behind the scenes of Enron, which gave birth to one of the most shocking and talked about business scandals. You can learn a lot about accounts reporting, off-shore diversification, unethical business practices and frauds. It is an eye-opening account of how greed closed down the shutters of the corporate giant and destroyed the careers of many people.

    6. Jerry Maguire

    Based on a true story, the movie showcases the life of a highly successful sports agent who seemingly has it all, but reaches a point where he questions his morals. There comes a phase when he gives it all up to follow his dream and understands the true meaning of success and love in his life. It is a brilliant depiction of how one needs to give precedence to client relationships over personal gains in a business set-up where everyone is running after money.

    7. Office Space

    This satirical take on the corporate world is a mix of laughs and the ugly work culture that leads to stagnating creativity and untapped talent due to office politics. It throws light upon several elements of office culture ranging from leadership to team building, career building, mentorship, and human resource management. It makes you think about your stifling routine jobs and breaking away from the shackles to realise your real potential.

    8. Pursuit of Happyness

    There are times when you are feeling down and out and are on the verge of giving up on your dreams. This is the time when you need to watch this incredibly inspirational movie based on the life of Wall Street legend Chris Gardener. It takes you through the travails and tribulations of a small-time person who his rendered homeless with his young son. He strives to achieve the impossible and comes out with flying colours. Coupled with an emotionally charged performance by Will Smith, this one is a must-watch.

    9. Moneyball

    This Brad Pitt starrer is a must-watch even if you do not understand baseball and are not a big fan. It is based on the real-life story of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane who struggled against all the odds to use average career statistics to recruit players and build a strong team which performed amazingly well. He believed in his instincts of following the computer-based analysis which later became a norm in the baseball industry. Watch the film for his pioneering vision and innovative streak.

    10. Pirates of Silicon Valley

    This movie has been made like a documentary and presents an interesting side of the rivalry between the IT moguls Steve Jobs and Bill Gates during their rise to success. It is an fascinating watch for aspiring entrepreneurs who can learn a lesson or two from the competitive nature of their relationship and the strategies adopted by them to outperform each other.


    There are dozens of other movies which will motivate you to accomplish your goals and never give up on your dreams. Watch them whenever you are feeling dejected or uncertain about becoming an entrepreneur. So whether you are purchasing a business for sale in Australia or setting up your own company, keep your movie-list ready for your daily dose of motivation.

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