New Airport Security Changes to Affect Business Travellers

Since July this year, America and the UK have increased their security measures for all mobile devices. Due to threats from the Middle East and Afr...

  • New Airport Security Changes to Affect Business Travellers
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    New Airport Security Changes to Affect Business Travellers

    • Tuesday 30th of September 2014
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    Since July this year, America and the UK have increased their security measures for all mobile devices. Due to threats from the Middle East and Africa the Department of Homeland Security and TSA have enhance the already thorough screening process. This is to help reduce the threat of explosive devices being hidden in hand-held electronic devices, as they have often been the target for terrorist and smugglers. With new security protocol it will make is even more difficult for terrorist activity.

    The protocol entails randomly selected travellers to turn on their phones, ipads and other hand held devices. This is to display that they are indeed what they seem to be. If such devices cannot be turned on it can be confiscated and the passenger can even be denied boarding along with being submitted to further screening test/exams.

    This has so far been implemented in the US and UK travellers for both inbound and outbound flights and includes other flights originating from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. More information about the policies and how these policies will affect travellers can be found in the following articles.

    Due to the latest terrorist activity and the increased threats a number of Australian airlines and flights bound for Australia have implemented the same policies. Rumours are now spreading this will become implemented in Australia for both International and Domestic flights.

    With this is mind preparation for flights is even more important than it was before, to ensure you safely board the plane all your electronic devices will need to be fully charged before, during and after the fight.

    Important Factors to Know-

    • - All electronic devices need to be fully charged with enough battery that your phone may be turned on
    • - This may be requested at any airport, for inbound and out bound flight to the US and UK (policies may be changing and can become stricter)
    • - Devices that can’t be turned on can be confiscated and the passenger can denied boarding to their flight
    • - There will be limited opportunities to charge within airports and on possible available on limited flights

    What does this mean to Business Travellers?

    This means it will become essential for all travellers to carry mobile charging technology to have the ability to charge their mobile devices, so they can’t be confiscated. The only other option is to wait in line at all airports to find charging outlets or devices where they can.

    What is the Positive Opportunity?

    Due to these new regulations and changes, mobile charging devices are becoming a necessary for all travellers flying overseas at the moment (and in the near future internal to Australia). These devices are fairly cheap, ranging up to $50, but it is now the best time to buy into this type of business opportunity.

    ‘Charge on the Go’ is one such company that provides customers with portable chargers that are compatible with all hand held devices that charge via USB- Phones, Cameras,

    Tablets, Mp3/Mp4 Players and much more. The great thing about this product is that it has the power to take your device from 0% to 100% and for people with electronic devices that are low/out of battery; it is a must, especially if this security protocol is to spread to other Airports and Countries.

    This product so far has only been available online, but the company – ‘Charge on The Go’- has recently licensed their business with 2 options including Vending Machine Options

    and Kiosk options popping up across Australia.

    With this opportunity now available, it can only be predicted that this product will be spreading like wildfire across all Airports in Australia, with people realising the potential profitability of such a franchise.

    Overall the new security protocol being implemented in US bound flights has had travellers sweating with the possibility of being denied boarding, travellers are now needed to prepare even further to lower the risk of their electronic devices being low/out of battery. With rumours of Australia flights being affected kiosks providing products such as ‘Charge On the Go’ will be of the utmost importance to unprepared travellers. Providing them the products required to help people keep travelling with the least amount of disruption from these new security protocols.