How To Communicate Your Brand Story To Customers?

The moment you hear about brands like Woolworths, Coles, Telstra, Worley and BHP, you instantly feel connected with them. Consumers trust them unco...

  • How To Communicate Your Brand Story To Customers?
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    How To Communicate Your Brand Story To Customers?

    • Updated: Thursday 10th of September 2020
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    The moment you hear about brands like Woolworths, Coles, Telstra, Worley and BHP, you instantly feel connected with them. Consumers trust them unconditionally and share an emotional bond with them, which has strengthened over the years. Most businesses have been able to build relationships through effective communication of their brand stories that tug at the heartstrings of consumers.

    These narratives inform the buyers about the purpose of the company, its inception, its journey from the beginning and its values. It becomes easier for consumers to identify with the company when they hear these tales and become involved with the narrative. It is unworkable to create a successful entity without communicating the brand story in a metropolitan city like the capital of Queensland.

    Thus passionate individuals planning to purchase a business for sale in Brisbane must work on weaving a compelling story and sharing it efficiently to invoke a desirable response from the audience. So here is how you can do it successfully.

    1. Be Clear About Your Mission

    A business owner cannot popularise his brand story until he and his employees are clear about their existence. The primary reason is definitely making profits and growing every year. However, this is not what the target audience wants to hear, as it only defines your materialistic pursuit. If the business itself doesn’t know what it intends to achieve in the marketplace and as a part of the community, then it cannot position itself successfully.

    Thus you need to create a brand story that revolves around your mission and vision, which must be outlined in the business plan when you started the venture. Make sure that the same principles are shared through every communication channel so that there is no ambiguity in the brand messaging. Coherency and consistency in your objectives is the essence of brand building.

    2. Understand Your Target Audience

    When you are planning to narrate a story, you need to understand the audience to make it relatable. You must identify the lifestyle, needs, wants and aspirations of your target buyers to hit them hard with an innovative idea. The principles communicated through the brand story must be held valuable by the customers to get affected by them.

    For instance, if you are targeting the working professionals in Brisbane, then you need to create a narrative which attracts their attention and influences their buying behaviour. It must help in creating brand loyalty which will make them come back to you for repeat orders without thinking twice. The stronger relationship you build the better returns you will receive. Loyal customers can go a long in promoting the brand through word of mouth publicity and sharing positive feedback online.

    3. Make Your Story Resonate With People

    The brand story has to have a character that helps the buyers in Brisbane to connect with it. However, this does not mean that it talks highly about the owner or his achievements. It needs to talk about the venture and its people who come together and make it a thriving entity. It should create a persona of the business and make it easier for the consumers to bond with it through emotions brought forth by the narrative.

    The tale of the people toiling away to make the brand a success develops the credibility of the business and establishes its reliability. It aids in highlighting the standards, quality control, work ethics, and ideals of the business and improve its stature. However, it should not sound like a sales gimmick which can push away the target audience.

    4. Make Your Customers Participate In Your Brand Story

    For the customers to become brand loyalists, you need to make them a part of the story. For instance, if the mission of your business is to make technological innovations in creating high-performing speakers, then include the influence of customer feedback in making improvements in your brand story. A part of your story could include the importance of how the customers helped to shape the new product with their opinions and needs for better products.

    The appreciation received from the brand in return of making a purchase can further intensify loyalty. It also makes other consumers take notice of the brand as they can see familiar people being used in the story. Bringing the consumers into the messaging can make it more engaging instantly.

    5. Maintain An Apparent Differentiation

    The market in Brisbane is cluttered with similar products and offerings. It is flooded with top-rated businesses that are leveraging its economic stability. Thus it is imperative to create a competitive advantage through a unique selling proposition. It should be in tandem with the brand image and tone. It should be conversational so that people instantly start talking about it. The crux of the story should be comprehensible and unique and create a well-regarded reputation for the brand.

    You must not get inspired by the competitors and present your business in the most transparent and interesting way, which makes the audience recognise the brand immediately. Keep it simple and short since long and confusing stories can evoke boredom and get discarded completely.

    6. Develop The Story

    To make the story interesting and immersive, you need to construct a storyboard with a theme that influences human emotions. It could be developed around a problem and solution premise or a before and after situation that presents the brand in a positive light. It could also be the phenomenal success story of a small business that managed to become an industry leader.

    The visuals and language should be consistent with the brand image and guidelines. It must represent the long-term goals in a creative manner through a variety of formats, such as blogs, whitepapers, e-books, infographics, viral videos, articles, case studies, corporate videos, etc.

    7. Make Your Customers Your Brand Advocates

    The digital world has brought us closer and improved connections and relationships through constant communication. To make your brand story reach a wider customer base, you must make the content share-worthy. Make your loyal customers share the content through their personal pages and use social media influencers to promote the story. Create short clips and summaries of the articles and blogs that can be passed around the internet through social media sites for higher exposure and visibility. You can add the link to other conversations and start a chain reaction which will help in brand promotions.


    As an entrepreneur, it is extremely important to step up the brand-building activity that includes constructing an appealing brand story. Thus if you are looking for businesses for sale in Brisbane, then make sure that you utilise the tips mentioned above to craft a winning and persuasive story.

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