7 Tips On Working Smarter Not Harder For Success Of Your Business

Keep trying until you succeed is the advice that entrepreneurs often get from all the corners. Although it is the right way to surmise that there i...

  • 7 Tips On Working Smarter Not Harder For Success Of Your Business
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    7 Tips On Working Smarter Not Harder For Success Of Your Business

    • Updated: Thursday 15th of October 2020
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    Keep trying until you succeed is the advice that entrepreneurs often get from all the corners. Although it is the right way to surmise that there is no shortcut to success, it does not warn you that you may be going in the wrong direction all along. If you are using a garden tool to repair your kitchen faucet, you will probably end up flooding the whole house. While you used all your strength to fix it, you didn’t have the right tool and strategy to get the results.

    Thus hard work pays when it is supported by logical thinking and smart techniques. Otherwise, you will be slogging with no fruitful results. So whether you are a seasoned business owner or a budding entrepreneur planning to purchase a profitable business for sale in Sydney, you need to work smarter and not harder to thrive in the competitive marketplace. As the head of the company, you have a lot of responsibilities and tons of work to do. You can manage all the work smoothly within the business hours by adopting smart working strategies. Here are some tips that will help you to change your working mechanism for higher productivity.

    1. Prioritise Your Daily Tasks

    The daily planner and the to-do lists of entrepreneurs are always overflowing with overwhelming tasks. Simply looking at them can make you stressed, and trying to complete them through the day can make you exhausted and lead to burnout. However, you must not worry about finishing the items on your list that keep increasing as the day progresses.

    Instead, you must prioritise them to start working on the high importance projects first, and then take up the least important ones if you have time and energy to invest. It must be done early in the morning so that you are not distracted by other things that keep piling up. You can focus better when you have clearly defined tasks for the day. Make sure to go in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode during the work hours to avoid calls and emails that may unnecessarily waste your time.

    2. Manage Your Work Hours Efficiently

    Multitasking is a necessity when you are running a business. You should be ready to juggle between working on an important project which needs your expertise, brainstorming with your team for creative ideas, attending client calls, reviewing sales pitches, motivating employees, screening financial information, finding support and funding, and planning about business development. There is a lot on your plate, and working on every task in an organised manner can help you to make progress every day.

    Keep aside a few hours for each task and divide your work hours accordingly. Do not forget to include breaks as you need time to take your mind off all the work to feel rejuvenated and come back to it with renewed zealousness. Also, set realistic deadlines and maintain the flexibility to extend them when required.

    3. Delegate Your Responsibilities

    Most established entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that they need to delegate their responsibilities to their subordinates to streamline processes. If you keep everything lined up for yourself, then you will be bogged down by the expansive amount of workload which will wear you out. Thus it is prudent to share the work with your team, which helps in building their confidence and supports their professional development.

    Also, it frees up your time to concentrate on high-value projects and focus on the high priority tasks. You will have more energy to keep your employees motivated and run the business without getting entangled in the labour-intensive work. Your workforce will become more efficient and ready to tackle challenges. If you need specialists for the job, then you can hire freelancers or outsource third parties. Ideally, you must delegate your weaknesses and work on your strengths.

    4. Make Use of Technology

    Automation is the key to success if the lack of human resource is holding you back. Technological advancements have allowed entrepreneurs to leverage artificial intelligence for businesses that reduces dependency on employees. Besides AI, there are dozens of online software which have reduced manual labour and are extensively time-saving. Tasks like invoicing, interpreting data, maintaining records of business transactions, inventory management and others can be effectively managed by systems that make our lives easier.

    From project management software to accounting software, there are a plethora of tools that can help you to work smart. These online tools reduce the time, money and energy spent on every business function and improve efficiency to grow at a fast pace.

    5. Networking With The Right People

    The business world has several entrepreneurs who can provide insightful advice, funding and rewarding associations. The marketplace is filled with opportunities that can be grabbed with the help of other big and small players. Thus you need to be in good books of these individuals. Make room for networking in your daily activities to connect with likeminded business owners in your field in Sydney who can prove helpful for your business growth.

    This symbiotic relationships can come to your aid when you need the assistance of a veteran or a partner. You can learn from their strengths and experiences and find guidance in times of a crisis. The wider network you have, the safer you will feel while facing a challenge.

    6. Preparing For The Dry Spell And Peak Times

    Smart working means that you must be prepared for every contingency, such as the times when sales go down. The COVID-19 pandemic has made Sydney-based entrepreneurs rethink their business strategy and make transforming changes to their organisations. Every business owner should be ready to face such damaging situations that can crop up without showing any warning signs. Thus you must have the financial buffer to stay afloat in distressing times.

    Similarly, the holiday season is usually the peak time for most businesses which can lead to chaos because of the copious amount of deadlines and deliveries to be accomplished. You must have a strategy in place to deal with the situation in a streamlined manner. Plus, you must plan your growth and be ready to take up every challenge head-on.

    7. Learn From Your Failures

    Failures are a part of life, and there is no escaping from them. Every success story talks about failing before making it big. It is human to make mistakes, but you must learn from them. Instead of getting demoralised or feeling dejected, identify the reasons behind the disaster and how they can be avoided in the future. Also, you must have a plan to pacify the disgruntled clients and reassure your workforce that you are taking care of things and will be back on track soon.

    Keep your communication channels open and accept criticism to rise again stronger. Do not deviate from the targets and the long-term objectives and keep moving ahead. From Apple to Google, every big company has been through its share of controversies. So take it in your stride and work on growth and development without any fear or despair.


    The key to working smart is completing tasks faster and with little effort. Thus if you are planning to purchase a business for sale in Sydney, then you must utilise the tips mentioned above to slog less and gain more. Remember that working long hours doesn’t get results. You must create the right working strategy to succeed.

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