How To Attract Customers To Your Business?

Customers are the backbone of a business and the primary source of income. Without a substantial client base, it is impossible to survive in the co...

  • How To Attract Customers To Your Business?
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    How To Attract Customers To Your Business?

    • Updated: Tuesday 23rd of February 2021
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    Customers are the backbone of a business and the primary source of income. Without a substantial client base, it is impossible to survive in the competitive commercial landscape of Sydney. Thus, every entity's primary goal is to identify and acquire as many customers as possible by meeting their needs. However, grabbing the attention of the target audience is not an easy feat, especially when they are spoilt for choice. This is why entrepreneurs keep improvising and innovating to develop marketing strategies that help them attract a broader customer base.

    With a loyal audience backing your products, you can survive any downturn and challenges without any hassles. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a business for sale in Sydney, then you should be aware of the ways of attracting new customers to grow your venture. Here is how you can do it.

    Satisfy the Needs of Your Customers

    The first step of adding new members to your client list is to decide the ideal customer profile depending on your products and services. The description should be narrowed down to include the psychographic and demographic profiling, which you discovered during the market research. For example, suppose you are selling an anti-ageing cream. In that case, your ideal customer will be women in the age group of 35 to 70 from an economically stable background and those concerned about their appearance and willing to spend a fair amount on cosmetics.

    It will make your search easier while looking for potential customers. Conduct focus group sessions and surveys to determine the needs of this market segment and how you can fulfil them. Find out more about their likes, dislikes, tastes, and interests. Ask for their feedback and advice to improve your offerings and capture a more significant share of the market.

    Maintain Effective Communication

    Your customers need to know who you are and what you are doing to trust you. Thus, make sure that you inform them about the mission, vision, values, and company goals through the business website, marketing material, and other customer touchpoints. Emphasise customer relationship management and devise a standard protocol for speaking with clients in a warm and polite manner.

    Get their complaints addressed at the earliest and give them all the reasons to promote the brand through positive word-of-mouth publicity. Stay in touch with them even after they have made a purchase. Retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers. Thus, make sure that you connect with them through loyalty programs and rewards so that they continue to buy from you and increase your sales.

    Offer Free Goodies and Discounts

    Free samples are an excellent marketing tactic to grab more customers. You can put up a kiosk in a busy shopping centre or precinct and offer free stuff. It will help enhance brand awareness, allow customers to understand the quality of your products, and build their trust in the business. Buyers love to get any product or service for free, and the idea can help you get them by the dozen.

    Another way to catch the customers is to lure them with discounts and deals, such as promo codes for 20% off or buy one and get one free, etc. The bargain deals can make them stand in queues because of the fear of missing out. You can also start a promotional contest and conduct a lucky draw to find the winner. The buzz created by the contest can help in making more people buy from you.

    Leverage Social Media Marketing

    Social media is the new hangout zone for Sydneysiders. The COVID-19 pandemic changed businesses and made sure that people stayed at home and spent more time on the social network. With more than 70% of the country’s population using the platforms to interact, it is the best marketplace to acquire new customers. Social media gives you access to a huge market, and you can find your potential customers on these platforms effortlessly. It is the best place to engage in conversations, create groups, and become a thought leader. It helps in instant customer service and lead conversions.

    In addition, influencers help sway public opinion and can be roped in to get the brand promotions across. You can also ask your customers to post about your products and gain more word-of-mouth publicity through user-generated content.

    Benefit from Online Reviews

    According to a recent survey, online reviews influence the purchase decisions of more than 90% of customers. Whether the buyer is using the app, website or is making the purchase physically from the store, a look at the reviews and ratings does not skip the process. It gives them the confidence to trust the brand and get to know about real customer stories and experiences.

    Positive online reviews and ratings also help in improving the search engine results of the business and getting higher traffic to the website. It means you can get more customers from the testimonials of your existing buyers. A few negative reviews are also needed to maintain a healthy balance of user-generated content. It will help you to understand customer expectations and how they can be met. So do not worry about them and try to fix the issues as soon as possible.

    Network and Partner with Other Businesses

    Associating with complementary businesses helps in the creation of a symbiotic relationship, which aids in the strengthening of the customer base. For instance, if you are selling coffee and have a bookshop close to your café, you can partner with the store to offer your clients discount coupons for bestselling books and vice versa. It will help in tapping into each other’s customer base and improving sales without much effort. It develops a symbiotic relationship that aids in the growth of both businesses.

    Become A Part of the Community

    Engaging with your community is effective in local marketing, so you can connect with people to turn them into customers. Volunteer for local charity events and get your employees to take part in the fundraisers and other programs that help in the development of the community. Sponsor local sports teams and showcase your support by attending the game to boost their morale and increase brand visibility.

    Giving back to society is one thing that extends valuable credibility and goodwill to your business. You can also work towards becoming a sustainable entity and promote yourself as a green and clean company, which is concerned about the environment.


    Finding new customers is not easy, with so many players vying for their attention. If you plan to purchase a business for sale in Sydney, you need to carve a niche for your brand by using the tips mentioned above.

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