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North Queensland, also known as the Northern Region, is basically the northern part of the state of Queensland. The tropical Northern Region is home to the bustling coastal city of Townsville, which inhabits a large number of people and is a prominent urban centre. Townsville is also a significant seaport which manages the exports originating from the mines of Mount Isa as well as cattle exports from the region. North Queensland is known for its stunning beaches, astounding coral reefs and picturesque views as well as World Heritage Listed sites. The Great Barrier Reef is a major crowd puller and so is the Wet Tropic Rainforest which attracts the adventure seekers. Perhaps, the Great Barrier Reef is the most enchanting feature of the region as it is the largest living thing and can be seen from the space. Other prolific attributes of North Qld are its cascading waterfalls near Cairns. It is the best place on earth to enjoy a tropical holiday full of nature’s bounty and exhilarating adventures. Entrepreneurs also head to destination to exploit business opportunities in Cairns or Port Douglas and other prominent suburbs.

Northern Queensland has many other tourist hotspots such as the Wet Tropics of Queensland, Magnetic Island, Whitsunday Islands and Eungella as well as 36 national parks. The hinterland also has a sugar exporting terminal in Lucinda and Mackay and Burdekin are the largest producers of sugar in the country. Mackay is also involved in coal exports. From luxe resorts and mountain biking expeditions to rainforest exploration and relaxing in tranquil cafes, the region has ample opportunities to enjoy its scenic locales. Townsville is the hub of all the commercial activity and is easily accessible from other territories in Asia-Pacific. Mining, tourism and agricultural earnings are the biggest contributors to the economy of the state of Queensland which have resulted in the development of the urban regions. Cafe for sale in North Qld is viewed as another viable option for investment among the investor community.

The region offers the best of everything, ranging from healthcare and comfortable housing to ritzy restaurants and lovely ocean views. It is a thriving zone which is attracting the attention of investors due to its superfast communication, proximity to foreign countries, abundance of water, world-class transportation and charming lifestyle. Additionally the areas of Burdekin, Hinchinbrook and Charters Tower have numerous renewable energy projects in the working which further add to the wealth of the region. The government is also involved in the promotion of local businesses in North Qld by helping people to identify opportunities, become capable of working in the supply chain and get connected with the ongoing projects. The region is poised for fast growth and has earned the interest of many investors. Unquestionably, businesses for sale in Queensland are in high demand due to their stability and goodwill factors. If you too wish to invest in such an opportunity, go ahead and browse the listings on this page.

Business2sell has 76 businesses for sale and franchise opportunities in North Qld, Queensland. We have multiple business for sale under numerous categories in the North Qld Region, such as 5 Franchise For Sale, 5 Cafe And Coffee Shop For Sale, 5 Takeaway Shop For Sale, 5 Convenience Stores For Sale, 5 Food Related Businesses For Sale, 4 Fashion businesses for sale, 4 Home Based businesses for sale, 4 Wholesale Distribution For Sale, 3 Mechanical Repair Business For Sale, 3 Homeware businesses for sale and many more.

The most important locations around North Qld Region include Cairns with 80 opportunities, Cairns City with 14 listings for sale, Port Douglas with 12 opportunities, Abingdon Downs having 8 opportunities, Bowen, Mount Isa, Manunda, Redcliffe, Cairns North and much more.

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