6 Reasons Why A Remote Workforce Is Better For Your Business

The world is lapping up to the concept of remote working as the deadly coronavirus is forcing a shutdown in most countries. The pandemic has led to...

  • 6 Reasons Why A Remote Workforce Is Better For Your Business
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    6 Reasons Why A Remote Workforce Is Better For Your Business

    The world is lapping up to the concept of remote working as the deadly coronavirus is forcing a shutdown in most countries. The pandemic has led to the worst economic conditions, which are unprecedented and challenging to overcome. Australia has been holding its ground with a stable developed economy and business stimulus packages being offered by the Federal Government. Entrepreneurs have accepted the reality of living in a world with COVID-19 and are increasingly utilising work from home to salvage their businesses.

    It has been a smooth transition for many organisations as they were already taking advantage of a remote workforce to keep the expenses low and encourage a healthy work-life balance. If you have recently purchased a thriving business for sale in Brisbane or any other region of Australia, then you must adopt this working mechanism to sustain your venture in the current crisis. The move will be welcomed by your employees who are worried about their jobs and are feeling uncertain about the future.

    If you are still not convinced about accomplishing the same productivity with a remote workforce, then here are a few reasons that will help you to make a decision.

    1. A Tested Formula For Increasing Output

    If you are under the impression that the work from home revolution has been brought about by the coronavirus, then you are mistaken. It has been around for a while. The technological advancements and connectivity through various online platforms have allowed employers to collaborate with teams across the world and have them deliver the work on time without any hassles.

    Although initially, people were utilising it for childcare and increased family time, it later became a potent tool for maintaining flexible schedules. Teleworking is known to increase the productivity of the employees as they don’t have to deal with the workplace distractions.

    From frequent chats with people in your bay to going to the pantry or cracking jokes by the coffee dispenser, all these eat up precious work hours, which can be efficiently leveraged while working at home. The best part about working from home is that the employees can save the time spent in commuting. With more focus on work than their surroundings, employees produce a better output.

    2. It Supports Cost-Cutting Measures

    Businesses are always looking at measures that allow savings and remote workforce can help in this regard. If you have more employees working from home, you don’t need a big office space which means that you can save on the rent. It is highly beneficial for small businesses operating in cities with expensive real estate like Sydney and Melbourne. Less staff in the office also eliminates the need for more furniture, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, coffee dispensers, etc.

    The overheads can be reduced considerably with this approach. You can connect with the teams through virtual tools like Skype, WebEx and Google Hangouts and live chats to stay in sync. The internet expenses, if you are taking care of them, will be bare minimum when compared to the cost of managing a full-time office.

    3. Happy Workforce Means Low Attrition Rate

    Working from home is a convenient and comfortable way of operating for most employees, and it comes with the perk of enjoying a perfect work-life balance. Since the workers are happy with their flexible schedules, they do not think about changing jobs frequently. It works in favour of the business as the employer doesn’t have to worry about employees leaving at the drop of a hat.

    It reduces the cost of recruiting new employees and training them. It supports employee retention, which, in turn, helps in building a cohesive organisation of experts who work together as a team and are concerned about the success of their organisation.

    4. It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

    We all are responsible for climate change and keep contributing to carbon emissions with our modern lifestyle. A sustainable organisation which follows environmentally-friendly business practices should also adopt remote working as it is an effortless way to function in today’s digital world. With lesser cars on the road, the air-pollution levels will decline due to fewer daily commuters.

    Also, the utilities and essentials used by the employees in the office space, such as electricity, water, paper, etc. will be saved. A virtual team can help in creating a green business which cares for the environment. The catastrophic bushfires have proven that global warming is real, and it can be fatal for the coming generations. Thus as a responsible Australian, it makes more sense to employ a remote workforce.

    5. Recruit From The Global Talent Pool

    Employers who are not worried about a physical office can recruit candidates from across the world for vacant positions in their organisations. It allows them to access the vast pool of talent and find the most suitable person for the job. Also, when you outsource a project to a team working in a developing country, you can reduce the expense of wages as well.

    The developing Asian nations have a massive population of highly skilled workers who are willing to do the same job at a fraction of the cost. Why should you restrict yourself to hiring people only from your local region? With a remote workforce, you can create a team of experts and veterans who can help to grow your business with their technical expertise, far-sightedness and business acumen.

    6. The Workforce Will Be Healthier

    Many people fall sick because they contract an infection while travelling in public transport. Also, the stress of making their way through traffic to reach office on time and then head back quickly to avoid rush hours can take a toll on the mental and physical health of the workers. When they are working in the secure environment of their safe homes, they are less likely to feel anxious or attract any contagious diseases.

    It has become all the more important in the current challenging times brought about by COVID-19. Everybody has to stay indoors to make the infected cases go down and make the virus disappear. As an employer, you must make sure that your staff members are working from home in this crisis-like situation to stay healthy and hearty.


    The past few months have been distressing with the coronavirus putting all of us in lockdown. However, this is the time to find new ways of staying focussed and improving your organisation. If you own a company or have purchased a business for sale in Australia, then you must make use of a remote workforce to come out with flying colours in these tough times.

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