Writing Adverts for Businesses and Franchises for Sale

Identify Your Target Market for Listing Your Business or Franchise for Sale

When writing any m...

  • Writing Adverts for Businesses and Franchises for Sale
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    Writing Adverts for Businesses and Franchises for Sale

    • Updated: Thursday 16th of May 2013
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    Identify Your Target Market for Listing Your Business or Franchise for Sale

    When writing any marketing material, you must first identify who your target market is and what you want to achieve from the advert.

    For writing a Listing for a business for sale, your goal is to get as many of the right quality people making enquiries. If you receive a large number of enquiries off the wrong people, this is just as bad as no enquiries at all. i.e. If you receive too many enquiries from the wrong people, you end up wasting too much of your valuable time. On the other hand you want to make sure that you don’t just cancel out everyone, or else you end up receiving no leads at all and end up wasting you money.

    So how do you get the right balance?

    Firstly you must look at 3 key areas:
    1.The right category
    2.The right heading, sub heading and image
    3.The right content and images

    The Right Category for selling Your Business or Franchise

    This may seem easy, but you need to remember, but the wrong category means that people who are looking for you won’t find you and you will end up getting the wrong people enquiring. This leads to time wasting. Also different cities have different ways of thinking. You may receive better responses in different categories than what you thought you might.

    For example a Pizza Franchisor might list their business under franchise because you think that everyone looking for their business are looking for franchises. The truth is that if every franchise listed their business under franchise, the franchises section would get swamped and there would be too many to choose from.

    In truth most people aren’t necessarily looking for a franchise, they might be looking for a business to buy, so they might be looking under the Takeaway Food category in city areas, or a Food category in regional areas. This is because everybody thinks a different way.

    There are 2 ways to get the right category;

    1.Ask the website people what they suggest as the best category for your business, as they may have previous statistics that give insight into what to use where.

    2.Try a couple of different options in the first month or 2 to find out what works the best.

    Writing Headings, Sub Heading and Image for your Business or Franchise for Sale

    The first stage of any type of marketing whether it is an e-mail or on-line listings is to get people to view or open your advert for your business or franchise for sale. To do this on an on-line platform with listings, you must first gain their attention. With Business2Sell you have 3 key areas to assist you.

    Heading – Make it brief, to the point, different and compelling to gain people’s attention and make them want to read more. Rather than Coffee Shop for Sale, try using words using words like exciting, unique, great opportunity, bargain, etc… or make them different like “Fortune for the Right Person”, “Must Sell as Client is leaving the Country”, “Won’t last”, etc…

    Sub Heading – Make it Brief and explain something that isn’t in the heading. Find the right balance between giving enough information to get their interest, but not the whole story so they have to read more. Less is better.

    Image – The image that you use should give an idea of what the listing is about, but not too much detail, the reason behind this is that on the listing pages the images are small and an image with too much detail can become a blur. i.e. coffee shop has a cup of coffee or a muffin, etc…

    If you look at the image below you will see an example of a number of ads and what people are looking at. This is a 5 second society and if people don’t see what they want in the listing, they won’t open or view the advert. Ask yourself, if I was looking for a coffee shop, which listings would I look at? This is how you should look at the advert after it is created to see if you will get the views.

    Writing Content and Uploading Images of your Business or Franchise for Sale

    Both the content and images are essential when listing your Business or Franchise for sale. Once you convert the potential buyer into viewing your listings, you must then convert them into making an enquiry or calling you on the phone to ask more questions about the business. Don’t include negative points about the business or franchise. Any negative points can be explained at a later date with the potential client, this way you can qualify the response in person or over the phone and see how they take this before proceeding.

    Content - The content should be to the point and only a few paragraphs long. Too much information and people may close the listing down straight away as it will seem too much to read. When viewing a listing, potential buyers want to know what they are getting for their money, not a full description of what the business does in detail, so summaries the business or franchise in a brief paragraph only.

    Structure the content similar to the following;

    1.Use an opening sentence/paragraph to briefly describe the opportunity and get them to want to know more. First impressions count.

    2.Write a brief paragraph with information about the business and what it does including information like how long it has been running, what it does, how many clients it has, systems, staff, etc…

    3.Write about the opportunity including location of business (home based, busy shop front, etc…), loyal client base, great sales, etc…

    4.Use dot points to let them know what they will get for their money.

    5.Brief paragraph summarising the opportunity, with a call to action to get them to call or send an enquiry. This should sell the need to enquire.

    Images – The images should give an overview of the business and how profitable it can be. For example if you are selling a retail or takeaway food outlet, show images of what you sell (food, clothes, electronics, etc…) and examples of the store including some when the store is busy with customers shopping or buying (maybe from a recent sale).