7 Businesses You Can Start for Under $10,000

Starting a new business is intimidating as it requires investing a large amount of money into a venture that has an uncertain future. It is also ch...

  • 7 Businesses You Can Start for Under $10,000
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    7 Businesses You Can Start for Under $10,000

    • Updated: Wednesday 19th of August 2020
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    Starting a new business is intimidating as it requires investing a large amount of money into a venture that has an uncertain future. It is also challenging to get financing for dream projects that require enormous capital to see the light of the day. The high percentage of failure of start-ups is another significant consideration that troubles aspiring entrepreneurs.

    However, the risk factor can be brought down considerably by acquiring an existing business which does not need significant investment. In fact, some of the thriving entities can be owned for less than $10,000. Buying an affordably priced and profitable business for sale in Brisbane offers the advantage of stepping into a proven venture that will generate an assured income from the beginning.

    You will not have to spend on building the organisation from the ground up and will be able to take over as the owner. So here is a list of the seven most popular businesses that can be acquired or started under $10,000 in Brisbane.

    1. Food Truck or Trailers

    Food is a high performing industry in the capital of Queensland, which is extremely popular among travellers and people from other Australian states. It is always brimming with locals and tourists who want to enjoy delicious food while exploring its locales. Thus food trucks and trailers are in high demand in the city. You will require a food business license to acquire an existing food truck as the license cannot be transferred.

    Food trucks that serve fast-food or exotic cuisine are known for quickly running out of stock in a busy neighbourhood. The mobility factor is yet another advantage of the business, which allows you to find the most promising vicinity for higher sales during the day. These trucks come loaded with all the kitchen amenities and equipment and are ideal for an owner/operator to become a part of the flourishing takeaway food sector.

    2. E-Commerce Business

    The current economic circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic have given a boost to the e-commerce industry. Home quarantining and social distancing have made buyers in the city dependent on online shopping for apparels, groceries, liquor, electronics, etc. Contactless deliveries are becoming common and have changed the buying behaviour of consumers.

    It allows them to shop from the convenience of their homes and get the product delivered at their doorstep. Thus several small businesses are now going digital to sustain their profits in the changing marketplace. It is a high-growth investment opportunity as the retail landscape in Brisbane has been changed.

    3. Landscaping and Business

    If you love greenery and beautification of gardens, then this profession is your best bet. You can easily acquire a lawn mowing or landscaping business under $10,000 with all the equipment and a customer database. It gives you the freedom to work your own hours and be your own boss. With a growing residential population in Brisbane and its suburbs, the business has high growth prospects.

    Besides households with gardens, commercial properties like hotels, trade centres and malls also need regular maintenance of their trees, shrubs and grass. You can move around the city and its adjoining areas to find new customers and grow your business by hiring employees as you expand. It is a risk-free and low-investment venture that will fetch you high returns.

    4. Photography Business

    Becoming a photographer is the best way to turn your passion into a profession. If you think that it does not bring any profits, then you are mistaken. Portrait photography, wedding photography, event photography, etc., are the biggest earners these days. From couples photo shoots and pre-wedding photography to modelling portfolios, there are a plethora of opportunities for talented photographers.

    You can sell your images to online photo libraries and earn royalties. The only investment required is the equipment and cameras which can be bought within a limited budget. You can acquire an existing studio to grab a significant number of clients from the start and begin earning. However, you must purchase a healthy business after thoroughly researching its financial well-being.

    5. Graphic Designer

    Getting into the graphic designing business is the ideal way to leverage the digital revolution. Every business has a website and social media page which needs designing and images on a regular basis. In a commercially happening city like Brisbane, you will never be short of work.

    You can also acquire an existing graphic designing business which will bring the benefit of a recognised brand name and a long list of clients. You can take up all sorts of designing work ranging from logos and stationery to merchandise and full-scale websites. A reputed graphic designing company can earn high-profit margins with minimum investment.

    6. Home-Based Business

    Working from home is becoming more popular these days, especially among single parents who want to be around the kids. It is the ideal time to acquire a home-based business which gives you ample family time. You will not have to spend on leasing office space and can work from the comfort of your house. One of the trending home-based businesses is becoming a consultant. It requires minimal investment in creating a website and getting started.

    You can provide online consultations through video conferencing and webinars. It is the best way to utilise your skill set and offer it to those who do not have it. You can start art classes, meditation courses, baking classes or anything else that makes you an expert. Social media can help in marketing and promoting the business, and you can scale it with each passing year.

    7. Event Planning Business

    The vibrant city of Brisbane has its calendar booked with events. The people here love to make their celebrations grand, and businesses are always making arrangements for large-scale meets and conferences. Thus event planners are highly sought-after in the region.

    A small event planning business does not require much capital as you outsource the work to suppliers and vendors and manage the event with their support. You have to follow the best practices in Queensland and utilise your interpersonal skills to get things done on the D-day. You can acquire an established event planning company in your region and start trading without any hassles.


    If you are feeling distressed about the current economic scenario and do not wish to spend too much on a business for sale in Brisbane, then take a look at the options mentioned above. These low-risk businesses can be acquired or started within $10,000 and will offer you complete peace of mind.

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