5 Tips on Running a Remote Startup Across Time Zones

Needless to say that running a remote startup needs extra-ordinary management skills. When you think off start...

  • 5 Tips on Running a Remote Startup Across Time Zones
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    5 Tips on Running a Remote Startup Across Time Zones

    Needless to say that running a remote startup needs extra-ordinary management skills. When you think off starting a new business with a remote team across time zones, make sure you have those tricks and tactics to keep them organised so that you can get the most out of their potentials.

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    Of course, there are some serious challenges in managing a global team across different time zones, but you have to be very active and punctual otherwise your team could collapse in the middle.

    Botched communications, overlapping of business procedures, is also not good for your new business. You can’t take a chance of losing your potential customers just because of your unorganised remote team.

    Whether you are running a business from your home or just have a team all around the globe, make sure you have robust and innovative communication tools to enforce your new workforce.

    There are multiple high-end applications, tools and web program to help you reconcile time zone differences while letting you connect with people on the go.

    Apart from these tools, you must follow the 5 key tips/tricks to help you run a remote startup and team in different time zones.

    Let’s get started!

    1. Incorporate Coordination Skills

    A leader may not be a good coordinator, but a good coordinator may become a successful leader. The responsibility of managing a remote team or business across time zones is a tough task, and thus it should be performed with perfection.

    If you want to ensure success and generate higher revenues, you have to manage your delocalised team successfully. Leaders and managers need to be aware of all the situations happening at different times worldwide. They have to keep themselves updated with different cultures, national holidays, working hours, etc. across the world.

    Being a leader, you can do the following things to keep your virtual team organised:

    • Integrate effective communication tool
    • Educate your team about different cultures
    • Clear understanding of diverse cultural norms

    Also, make a list of countries you are working with, and jot down all the holidays. This will help you know when your team will be unavailable for work. If you want to become a good leader and team builder, you have to create strong relationships with your remote employees. This will lead to higher productivity and increased revenues.

    2. Create a Schedule

    Being a remote business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your meeting times are coherent and consistent. If you want to organise a meeting for your remote employees who are working from different countries (means different time zones), you have to create a consistent schedule two to three days prior to your meeting.

    The purpose of such meetings is to connect virtual employees formally to let them know their duties and other key things about the firm. You can organise weekly meetings to provide weekly working structure to your team.

    And of course, the new-age technology can help you in keeping a close track of all the time zones across the world. You just need to make sure that your remote team attends the meeting whenever you organise it.

    To make your team work efficiently, you should follow the three basic communication habits religiously:

    • Asynchronous communication

    Leaving a note in an online messaging app, such as Skype where the other person can reply at their convenience. This is ideal for those issues that are not time-sensitive.

    • Synchronous communication

    This is a more synchronised form of communication. It includes live chat, online voice calls, phone calls and video meetings.

    • In-person communication

    Under this, you can semi-yearly meetups for an individual remote team via workshops, conferences and formal visits. This can be more effective and help you build strong relationships with your employees.

    3. Make yourself flexible for time zones

    Once you have assembled your remote team of experts, ensure you make them comfortable in the different working environment. The challenge of coordinating a team can be solved if you track specific time zones in real time.

    Of course, you can install different clocks and set to different times on your office walls, but for better results, you can use online tools to track the different time zones on the go. These tools can easily be customised and let you add countries and cities so that you can track their real-time in seconds.

    Whether your team is in New Zealand, Canada, India or South Africa, you can manage their work within their time zone for quality outcomes.

    4. Use cutting-edge collaboration tools

    When you are running a remote business, make sure you keep yourself abreast of the latest collaboration tools.

    It is important to integrate more than two technologies/tools if you want to make your team work consistently. Research the online market and make a list of the technologies for different purposes. Some of the most common tools are:

    • Google Drive

    It allows users to store, synchronise, and share files across devices on the go. It gives multiple users across the globe to edit Google Doc, spreadsheets, drawings, presentation in a matter of few seconds.

    • Dropbox

    It is one of the best tools used to sync your files/data on your computer or mobile device. It is a sort of virtual folder that helps you properly organise your files.

    • Mural

    It is a great tool that creates digital workspaces for the remote team and visual collaboration anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices.

    These tools can improve your team’s collaboration to a great extent and let you focus on the productivity of your firm.

    5. Be Attentive

    Since your team is dispersed across the world, you need to be very attentive in terms of keeping them as a cohesive unit. You can make sure every member of your team is working effectively without any communication hurdles.

    It is your job to provide relevant information before assigning them new work. You have to understand every possible situation under which your remote team is working – this will help you make the most of their talents easily.


    Managing a remote business across time zones requires high-end organisational skills because it can lead you towards diversity, specialisation and increased productivity. To be a successful remote entrepreneur, you can follow the tips mentioned above and learn how to manage a remote team.

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