7 Proven Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity

Productivity is the buzzword in commercial circles as it ensures a satisfying return on investment and stimulates business growth. Entrepreneurs ne...

  • 7 Proven Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity
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    7 Proven Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity

    • Updated: Friday 17th of July 2020
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    Productivity is the buzzword in commercial circles as it ensures a satisfying return on investment and stimulates business growth. Entrepreneurs need to make the most out of their employee’s abilities to validate their salaries and keep making progress. If the workforce is not producing the desired output, then spending money on training and development of the workers is futile. Every worker must put his/her heart and soul in the accomplishment of the business goals by working on short-term objectives with utmost dedication.

    Encouragement from an able leader is the key to making employees more industrious and resourceful. Thus if you are planning to purchase a profitable business for sale in Australia, then you must know how to get the best work done from your team to enjoy a successful tenure. So here are the seven proven strategies that can help in increasing employee productivity in an affordable manner.

    1. Building An Energetic Work Culture

    The most common reason behind an inefficient workforce is their lack of engagement with the organisation and their work. A detached team is involved in tasks only half-heartedly and is associated with the company until they find a better opportunity elsewhere. Conversely, engaged staff members are more inclined towards going the extra mile for different tasks and providing the best possible output. They are prompt and proactive and are deeply attached to the vision and mission of the company. They have the zeal to keep improving and innovating so that they excel individually and also take the organisation to the next level.

    However, the disengaged employees lead to huge losses as they waste their time and resources in unprofitable pursuits. Thus to bring them on the same page, the entrepreneur needs to give them a positive work culture to maintain the interest of the employees in the business. The standards of performance must be informed to all.

    2. Utilise The Latest Technology And Tools

    Your team must have access to advanced equipment and software to be able to perform to the best of their ability. If they are asked to work on outdated systems and free online tools with limited capabilities, they will not be able to produce the desired results. Thus it is essential to give them access to technology that aids in organising the tasks and reducing the time spent on each activity.

    The entrepreneur can make the employees accountable by making them use a daily task tracking software that will send reports of individual team members to their managers. It will make the employees reduce wasteful activities like the time spent near the coffee machine or browsing social networking sites on their phone. They should also be provided with collaboration tools that reduce dependency on long meetings. Constant communication between the team members will ensure that there is no wastage of precious time and no scope for miscommunication.

    3. Training And Development Of Employees

    Many entrepreneurs do not believe in spending money on training the employees as they think that the well-trained employees will opt for better prospects, and the whole purpose will be defeated.

    However, if the workforce does not upgrade and adapt according to the innovations, their growth curve will become stagnant. Skill development and training can go a long way in enhancing the productivity of the workers as they become familiar with pragmatic and meticulous ways of problem-solving. They become more efficient and sophisticated through learning that helps them to contribute successfully towards the betterment of the organisation.

    4. Avoid Micromanaging And Increase Freedom

    Entrepreneurs have to monitor the performance of the employees but should not become overbearing. They must trust their employees and allow them to make their own decisions without interfering with their day-to-day tasks. They should have the flexibility to utilise the time and resources according to their preferences so that they do not feel controlled and stifled.

    They should feel that they have the freedom to voice their views and opinions through their work, and it allows them to become more creative and innovative. They leverage trial and error methods to move forward and find the most excellent way of completing a task. The independence to take charge of their work makes them responsible and helps in building strong ties which makes them stay for long with the organisation.

    5. Give Precedence To Work-Life Balance

    Making the employees work for extra hours and asking them to be available on weekends can take a toll on their social life. Sending emails after work or calling them on vacations for work-related discussions is not a smart move on the part of the entrepreneur. As a business owner, you must understand that the employees have a life beyond the office and need time to relax and unwind.

    Since ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, you must make sure that they get ample opportunities to socialise and spend time with family. Do not pose unnecessary restrictions on them. Allow them to work from home on a few occasions and make the workplace more fun with a recreation room for the employees to feel invigorated. Also, remote working is considered better for the business by various entrepreneurs who recommend it.

    6. Improve The Flow of Communication

    Transparency is vital in augmenting the cohesiveness and consistency of the work environment. Thus the business owner must be straightforward and develop a two-way flow of communication where each employee can reach the management without any hierarchy rules. The trickle-down approach doesn’t let the workforce to get involved in significant decisions. It is crucial for the workers to give their inputs and valuable insights on every topic and get their queries resolved at the earliest.

    It helps in communicating the mission clearly to the workers so that they are aligned to the goal, and the key performance indicators are articulated to them effectively. It also helps the entrepreneur to lead the staff competently by leveraging their feedback.

    7. Include Morale Boosting In Your Schedule

    Happy employees are the most satisfied people in the organisation and also the most productive. It is not difficult to keep your employees happy. You can do it effortlessly by appreciating their work and recognising their efforts. Do not make them feel like an insignificant worker as it can lead to loss of self-esteem and confidence.

    The entrepreneur needs vibrant and passionate employees who are eager to perform, and this enthusiasm stems from regular rewards and perks that help in motivating the employees. Appreciation in front of the other team members can also make the staff members inspired to provide unmatched results. A few words of encouragement can help them face the challenges with ease and come out victorious.


    Enhancing the satisfaction levels of the employees should be the priority of every entrepreneur. Thus if you are looking for business opportunities in Australia, then you must keep the strategies mentioned above in mind to build a fantastic workforce.

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