Takeaway Shop For Sale In Australia

The fast food and takeaway food services industry in Australia has generated revenue of $20 billion in 2018 and thus has garnered interest of the investors and budding entrepreneurs in buying profitable takeaway shop for sale in Australia. This unprecedented growth has been the result of high demand for these services among busy working professionals and families. Food delivery apps like Deliveroo, Foodora, UberEats and the likes have encouraged the rising popularity of takeaway food. The time-poor urban and suburban population which is living in double-income households can now afford such services with ease. The trend is not limited to weekend binging. The corporate employees order a food delivery whenever they are not in the mood to cook after a long day of work and thus it is an ideal time take the plunge and buy a takeaway shop for sale in Australia. Although we have a big appetite for Masterchef TV series, we rarely want to slog it out in real life. We love to dine out, and we equally love to get our food packed and delivered piping hot to our doorstep. This is the reason why Cafe for sale in Australia are gaining big bucks in the current scenario.

According to reports, 81% of Australians order takeaway food at least once a month from the sought-after food chains like Subway, KFC, Hungry Jack’s, McDonald’s and Domino’s. The average age-group ranges between 14 and 29, which means that the younger generation is more inclined towards enjoying a delicious meal without having to cook it. The lower price and the convenience of delivery have added to the attractiveness of this way of pacifying hunger and has given rise to many takeaway shops for sale in Australia. It is often fast-food, so it is easier to eat on-the-go while you are travelling to and from work or college. It takes less time in preparation as well, so you do not have to wait at the counter for long till your order gets ready. There is no doubt that you can find many lucrative businesses for sale in North Sydney which is a hub of trade and commerce and has a huge working population who love takeaway food.

Office workers too tend to take a break from work by picking up a sandwich and strolling back to their workstations. Similarly, they grab a quick bite while travelling to home and this is the reason why the takeaway food industry is booming. The higher income of these individuals has played a significant role in turning the tide towards eating out and refraining from cooking. The industry is looking up, and more and more entrepreneurs are taking up the opportunity to buy a takeaway shop for sale, with both hands to enjoy rewarding returns. If you wish to follow suit, then check out the listings for profitable businesses for sale in Australia on this page.

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The most favoured locations in Australia are Melbourne having 1115 Business opportunities, Sydney with 891 opportunities, Brisbane having 764 Businesses for sale, Gold Coast having 380 opportunities, Perth with 348 Businesses for sale, Adelaide having 206 listings for sale, Southport with 162 Business listings, Surfers Paradise with 145 Businesses for sale, Sunshine Coast having 100 listings for sale, Canberra having 97 Business listings and many more.

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