Takeaway Shop Melbourne

Melbourne is world famous for its mouth-watering food scene and incredible diversity of eateries. From roadside food stalls to cosy coffee shops and high-end restaurants – it has everything for every taste bud. Travellers and locals both love to devour the scrumptious food prepared by the expert chefs. Food lovers specifically travel from all over the world to taste the variety of cuisines being served here in the most palatable manner. South East Asian, Continental and European – you can find every kind of cooking which will make the gastronomes go weak in the knees. From hotdogs to burgers, fries and fish and chips, you can dig into every craving at any time of the day. Melbourne is also the commercial and corporate hub and a densely populated city, which means that the inhabitants are highly educated working professionals. The millennials and generation Y people do not enjoy cooking a meal for themselves and try to avoid it as much as they can. Though all of them love to dine-out and explore the vast assortment of restaurants, they also like to sit at home and relax. Naturally, cafe for sale in Melbourne has taken precedence for many who want to invest in a flourishing venture.

Melbournians just can’t get enough of takeaway which has changed the way people eat food in many ways. They are grabbing coffees and sandwiches while travelling to work and gobbling char-grilled burgers ordered while running back home. UberEats and Foodora have further strengthened the industry and are offering a plethora of options to customers to satisfy their temptations. A recent report suggested that Melbournians are spending close to $1379 per year on food delivery and they order food online 3.2 times every month. Of course, the food capital of Australia is topping the charts for food delivery as people are getting busier with work and finding less time to devote to the kitchen. This revolution has opened many opportunities for food entrepreneurs through the acquisition of a business for sale in Frankston to become a part of the burgeoning industry.

With a takeaway service, the venture doesn’t need to have a big place with lavish interiors to entice the customers. It could be a food truck which is delivering food around, and making good money. It is much easier to set up a delivery and takeaway food business and the returns are as rewarding as you can imagine. So if you think you have got it in you, then stop procrastinating and purchase one of the flourishing businesses for sale in Melbourne to become a proud business owner.

Business2sell has listings for 177 businesses for sale and franchise opportunities in Melbourne, Victoria. We have compiled a lists of multiple businesses for sale categorized in a plethora of categories available in the Melbourne Region such as 374 Other Business, 198 Cafe And Coffee Shop, 103 Restaurants, 74 Service Business, 45 Retail Business, 42 Food Related Businesses, 42 Franchise, 32 Building And Construction Business, 28 Hairdressing Business, 26 Beauty Business and many more.

The hottest locations for growing a business around Melbourne Region are 82 business opportunity in Dandenong, 67 Business listings in Frankston, 65 in Berwick, 64 business opportunity in Richmond, 60 in St Kilda, 59 business listings for Camberwell, 59 for Docklands, 53 in South Melbourne, 52 business opportunity in Doncaster, etc.

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