7 Cheapest Businesses To Start In Australia

Starting a new venture is both supremely exciting and nerve-wracking for aspiring entrepreneurs. While they want to become their own boss and take...

  • 7 Cheapest Businesses To Start In Australia
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    7 Cheapest Businesses To Start In Australia

    • Thursday 31st of January 2019
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    Starting a new venture is both supremely exciting and nerve-wracking for aspiring entrepreneurs. While they want to become their own boss and take charge of their financial destiny, they are still sceptical about the feasibility of the business idea. The risk involved can lead to the loss of savings of a lifetime and leave one disappointed and disoriented. Thus investing in a cheaper business opportunity proves to be a pragmatic solution for many new players in the commercial battlefield. A significant challenge of starting a business from scratch is that you need to spend a lot on the set-up, establishing a customer base, creating brand awareness and securing the cash-flow, etc. This is the reason why many people take the path of acquisitions which gives them access to an existing and thriving set-up. It is easier to leverage the reputation, loyal customers, and brand equity of an existing entity to realise your dream of entrepreneurship. Thus you must look for low-cost acquisitions among the businesses for sale in Australia that come with a proven track record of success. Let us help you in your search by providing a list of the top seven cheapest businesses in the country.

    1. Takeaway Food Business

    The revenue generated by the fast food and takeaway food services reached $20 billion in 2018-19 in the country. Although people love going to restaurants, the dearth of time has made them more open to takeaway food options which are now getting delivered at doorsteps of the customers with the help of food delivery apps like UberEats, Menulog and Deliveroo. This business structure is much cheaper than starting your own restaurant as you only need a kitchen to get started. With the supply and delivery network in place, you can start earning from the first day of trading. To look for such business opportunities in Australia, click on the link below.


    2. Online Retail Business

    Australians have become the patrons of online shopping in the past few years. A recent study revealed that an estimated 9.4 million people made online purchases in an average period of a month. The most sought-after products are fashion, electronics, food, toys, etc. Thus purchasing an existing e-commerce site which has a user-friendly interface and popularity among the masses can assure good returns in the future. You can capitalise on the growing number of buyers and the convenience offered by online shopping to expand the business further. It is cheaper than any other business as it can be operated from home and does not need many employees. You can look for the most lucrative online businesses for sale right here.


    3. Bakery Business

    There are very few Australians who do not love bread that melts in the mouth and fills your heart with joy. Cakes, pastries, pies, muffins, stuffed bread, fruit bread, flavoured bread – all are the top favourite of children as well as adults. They are the perfect side dishes for your pasta and the best ingredient of your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Naturally, bakeries are in high demand and that is why many people intend to open a bakery. If you want to give a miss to the whole set up and logistics process and start baking from day one, then you need an established bakery in a prime location which is generating excellent profits. So click on the link below to find your perfect match, and put on your baking gloves.


    4. Hairdressing Business

    If you love hairstyling or have learnt the art, then you can embark on your entrepreneurial venture by acquiring a hair salon. The industry has grown exponentially over the past few years and its revenue touched the figure of $ 7 billion in 2018-19. As more and more Australians are willing to spend money on looking good, the hairdressing and beauty services are growing from strength to strength. The purchase will not cost you much, as you won’t need any fancy equipment. As long as you have a studio and skilled employees, you can make a few quick bucks easily. If you too wish to become a part of this booming sector, then click on the link below.


    5. Cleaning Business

    You may have been shying away from cleaning your own house, but cleaning the houses, pools and offices of others can earn you a lot of dollars. Commercial cleaning services have become a $12 billion industry as urban professionals are finding it hard to keep their homes clean while juggling between kids and jobs. There are a plethora of cleaning services such as bond cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, garden maintenance, oven and BBQ cleaning, landscaping and others which are highly sought-after among households and corporate offices. If you have a flair for keeping things neat and tidy, then this low-risk and low investment business is the best bet for you. Take a look at the business opportunities in Australia right here.


    6. Aged Care Business

    There has been a significant rise in the aged population in Australia. In fact, one in seven people is aged 65 or above. The increase in life expectancy, declining death rate and high-quality healthcare are contributing to this figure. As a result, there are many households with old couples or individuals living alone. These people need assistance in their daily routine and companionship which makes them feel safe and secure. An aged care business provides healthcare assistants to such people and has become a flourishing in-house industry. If you intend to buy a well-recognised and trusted brand, then you can make thousands of dollars through this noble profession. If you think you can do this job with perfection, then click on the link below to get started.


    ​7. Childcare Centre Business

    The childcare industry has become a rewarding sector with the rise in working couples who need day-care facility for their young children. The industry size has grown to earn $13 billion in 2018-19. With relaxation in government regulations, it has become easier to get registered as kindergarten providers in Australia. It is a turnkey business which can be operated with a few employees easily. If you love being near kids and have children of your own, then you will enjoy managing a childcare centre while taking care of your kids. To find the best opportunities in town, check out the link below.



    Sail into the domain of entrepreneurship smoothly with the acquisition of a promising business for sale in Australia. These cost-effective business models can help you realise your potential as a businessperson without breaking the bank.

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